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The Battle for Peace

The Battle for Peace

A Frontline Vision of America's Power and Purpose

General Tony Zinni (Ret.) and Tony Koltz; Foreword by Tom Clancy

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Tony Zinni commands attention on the battlefield, at peace talks, in politics, and across the media spectrum. When he stood up and called for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation in 2006, the media paid attention, and when The Battle for Peace was published, the media--and the American public--applauded its bold new vision of America's role in the world. Widely acclaimed for its clear and practical approach to promoting a more stable and peaceful world through realism and pragmatic cooperation, this book has become even more relevant as we veer dangerously close towards confrontation with Iran. In a new afterword, General Zinni provides additional insight into the war in Iraq, how to deal with Iran, and more.


Praise for The Battle for Peace

“A warning that deserves serious consideration.” —The New York Times

“[Zinni] is a distinctly non-ideological man in an era when ideology is running rampant both home and abroad.” —Michael Abramowitz, The Washington Post

“Zinni is one of the more interesting men produced by the American military, with a supple mind that quickly adjusted to the new realities brought about by the collapse of the Soviet empire.” —Philip Caputo, New York Times Book Review

“The intellectual complement to Zinni and Clancy's bestselling Battle Ready...This volume provides the former Central Command chief's analysis of America's current global position...Zinni's pragmatic, low key approach merits serious condiseration.” —Publishers Weekly

“Refreshingly contrarian, and perfectly commonsensical.” —Kirkus Reviews

“[Zinni and Koltz] provide a clear analysis and plan for the future of America that challenges all--policy wonks, soldiers, and citizens alike--to rethink how we use our power to influence the global community.” —Library Journal

“Provocative, insightful, and straight-from-the-shoulder blunt.” —William S. Cohen, U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1997-2001

“Tony Zinni's writing is straightforward and to the point...a primer to guide us in the 21st century. Well done.” —Richard L. Armitage, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, 2001-2005

“Sensible and deserve[s] wide support.” —James Fallows, national correspondent of The Atlantic Monthly, author of National Defense.

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About the author

General Tony Zinni (Ret.) and Tony Koltz; Foreword by Tom Clancy

General Tony Zinni (Ret.) was Commander in Chief of CENTCOM and special envoy to the Middle East. He has appeared on 60 Minutes, Nightline and Charlie Rose, among others. Tony Koltz co-authored Tom Clancy's Into the Storm and Battle Ready, with General Zinni.

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Tony Koltz

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