Behind the Wheel - Italian 2

Author: Behind the Wheel; Series created by Mark Frobose

Behind the Wheel

Mangiamo! (Let’s eat!) In Italy it’s all about the food. Well, there’s also shopping, (facciamo la spesa!), traveling (viaggiamo!), and of course, l’amore. Behind the Wheel Italian Level 2 lets you practice your foundational Italian with lessons and stories based around various scenarios, including eating out, shopping, and getting around town. This course first reviews basic concepts from Italian Level 1, then expands on these areas, focusing on medium-length sentence combinations, versatile vocabulary, and extensive sentence building instruction to improve conversational skill and listening comprehension. Italian Level 2 features both English and native Italian speaking instructors.

This program includes a companion book and audio transcript to enhance the learning experience.


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“Focuses on real-world conversation...Great value.”
    —Men’s Health

What satisfied customers are saying:
"I know how difficult it is to try to learn a new foreign language at a distance and in one’s spare time. Behind the Wheel French was the course I found the most helpful in acquiring a basic understanding of the language. The explanation and sequencing of topics in this first level course made learning French both enjoyable and accessible. From my thirty years of teaching experience, I can attest to Mark Frobose's excellence as a teacher.
    —Dr. Gautam Dasgupta, Professor, Columbia University

“Of all the language series that I have ordered in the past from other companies, Language Dynamics has been by far the best…. the voices are easy to listen to and quite entertaining! You have developed a wonderful product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a language in an easy to follow method.”

    —Diana Wood, Human Resources, Motorola

“I would recommend any Behind the Wheel course in any language to anyone wishing to learn to speak a new language quickly, easily, and enjoy the process.”
    —Jeni Atkins, Educator, Portland, Oregon

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  • Author: Behind the Wheel; Series created by Mark Frobose

  • MARK FROBOSE is the founder of the Behind the Wheel series. A foreign language instructor for more than thirty years, he has built a career on “taking the foreign out of language.” He is a nationally recognized foreign language speaker, teacher, and author.

  •  Behind the Wheel


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Behind the Wheel - Italian 2

Author: Behind the Wheel; Series created by Mark Frobose