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Ladies Who Launch

Ladies Who Launch

An Innovative Program That Will Help You Get Your Dreams Off the Ground

Victoria Colligan and Beth Schoenfeldt with Amy Swift

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Ladies Who Launch is the first company to define the feminine approach to launching a business and to make the connection between starting a business and bringing creativity into your life with self-esteem and happiness. The nationally acclaimed Ladies Who Launch program has enabled thousands of women across the country to break out of 9-5 and thrive in entrepreneurial enterprises that reflect their true passions, skills, and desires. Located in more than 40 cities in the United States, the Ladies Who Launch incubators - workshops that give women the support and encouragement they need to embark on making their dreams reality - have inspired women to start businesses, grow existing companies, and tap into their creativity to develop essential services and products and enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams while doing it.

Available for the first time in book form, the 4-step incubator process, using self-tests, inspiring stories, and practical information, gives women the courage to dare to follow a cherished but unfulfilled dream. Through this unique program women are encouraged to
Imagine it - allow a secret desire to come to lightSpeak it - choose a dream to pursueDo it - take effective action to make it realityCelebrate it - revel in successes, reward effort, and be good to yourself along the way

Ladies Who Launch provides a proven approach to igniting a fire under a long-smoldering dream, have more fun, and catapult a lifestyle, relationship or occupation to an infinitely higher level.

"If you want to pop the lid off anything you ever thought you couldn't do, shouldn't have or couldn't achieve, you've bought the right book. All the tools you need to ignite a fire under a long smoldering dream, catapult a lifestyle, relationship, or career to a higher level are right here. Women tend to think of dreams as bigger than themselves, pies in the sky, morsels of imagination saved for a rainy other words, out of reach. Well, guess what? Ladies Who Launch will reprogram how you think about your dreams so that they are as real as the coffee you drink each morning. They're real and they're all yours! To be truly happy and inspired by the life you're living, you can take steps to wake up and launch your dreams right now. It is time to start believing that you can have what you really want. With the help of Ladies Who Launch, you will."

--Victoria Colligan & Beth Schoenfeldt


Ladies Who Launch

Part I
Great Ladies Launch Alike
The Feminine Approach to Launching
Introduction to Launching
We don't like to limit any area of our lives that could be launched....


Praise for Ladies Who Launch

“...their enthusiasm for self-improvement will excite even non-members into making positive changes.” —Publishers Weekly

“There are a lot of good, inspirational stories in the book along with practical information.” —

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About the author

Victoria Colligan and Beth Schoenfeldt with Amy Swift

VICTORIA COLLIGAN and BETH SCHOENFELDT, co-founders of Ladies Who Launch, created their company as a blend of on-line social networking and offline support system. The offline support system takes the form of Incubators – inventive, supportive, networking workshops that take place in more than 30 cities across the country. They also act as a marketing, public relations, and distribution channel for the thousands of women who are members of Ladies Who Launch. They have been featured in women's and business publications including Fortune, the LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, Working Mother, and much more. AMY SWIFT has been a close and early collaborator with Ladies Who Launch as a brand communications strategist, writer and as the leader of the Los Angeles and Orange County Ladies Who Launch Incubators.

Victoria Colligan

Victoria Colligan

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