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Spoiling for a Fight

Spoiling for a Fight

The Rise of Eliot Spitzer

Brooke A. Masters

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The rise to power of Eliot Spitzer, the scourge of Wall Street and one of America's most controversial politicians, by the reporter who knows his crusade best

Few politicians have burst onto the American scene with as much impact as Eliot Spitzer. He has exposed wrongdoing by stock analysts, mutual fund managers, and insurance brokers, and he has investigated corporations that have misled or defrauded investors and consumers. When federal regulators have fallen down on their responsibilities, Spitzer has stepped in to protect ordinary, middle-class Americans. His actions as the New York State attorney general have made companies change the way they do business, which in turn affects every American with a retirement plan, an insurance policy, or a prescription to fill.

No reporter has had better or more complete behind-the-scenes access to Spitzer's operation—and to the strategies that have underpinned his crusade against these powerful forces in the American economy—than Brooke A. Masters of The Washington Post. In Spoiling for a Fight, she presents a portrait that is at once dramatic and revealing, raising the question of whether Spitzer's way of conducting government business is good or bad for America.

Combining passion and zeal with a savvy understanding of the press, Spitzer has brought down some of the biggest names in American finance and now has his sights set on higher office. This revelatory book shows Americans how Spitzer has transformed their lives and what his crusade could mean for the future.


Chapter One

When Markets Need to Be Tamed

Eliot Spitzer had had enough.

It was October 2004. For six months, the hard-charging New York State attorney general and his staff had been following a tip that the huge corporate...


Praise for Spoiling for a Fight

“A thoughtful and meticulously reported biography.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Rich with anecdotes. . . . Thanks to Ms. Masters's book, New Yorkers now have another piece of evidence to weigh as they decide whether or not such a man should govern their state.” —The Wall Street Journal

“[A] compelling, suspenseful and deeply reported book. . . . Brooke A. Masters gives a dramatic inside account of the fight between Spitzer and the titans of finance. It is journalistic storytelling in high form: smart, fluid and richly detailed.” —Newsday

“[A] detailed and searching account. . . The broad outlines of Spitzer's battles . . . are well known, but Masters turns each into a short story, packed with moral tension and complexity.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

About the author

Brooke A. Masters

Brooke A. Masters is a staff writer for The Washington Post, based in New York, where she writes about financial services and white-collar crime. She has reported on the trials of Martha Stewart, Frank Quattrone, and Bernard Ebbers. In her sixteen years at the Post, she has also covered criminal justice, education, and politics. A graduate of Harvard University and the London School of Economics, she lives in Mamaroneck, New York, with her husband and two children.

Brooke A. Masters

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