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The American Revelation

The American Revelation

Ten Ideals That Shaped Our Country from the Puritans to the Cold War

Neil Baldwin

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Neil Baldwin, one of the most exciting intellectual historians, has written extensively about the great thinkers and innovators who have shaped our unique American identity. In THE AMERICAN REVELATION, he turns his energies to the unfolding story of how the American spirit developed over 400 years.

This inspiring examination of the ideals that have grown to inform our national identity and of the figures who set the course for our evolving self image covers:

City on a Hill--John Winthrop--1630
Common Sense--Thomas Paine--1776
E pluribus unum--Pierre-Eugene Du Simitiere--1776
Self Reliance--Ralph Waldo Emerson--1841
Manifest Destiny--John L. O'Sullivan--1845
Progress and Poverty--Henry George--1879
The Sphere of Action--Jane Addams--1902
The Melting Pot--Israel Zangwill--1908
The Negro in Our History--Carter Woodson--1922
The Marshall Plan--George C. Marshall--1947

Neil Baldwin writes of figures both familiar and forgotten in this work of popular history that seeks to illuminate and enliven the current debate about American's role in the world. Meticulously researched and entertainingly written, THE AMERICAN REVELATION will make all U.S. readers, regardless of their politics, be proud of our country's intellectual heritage and high-minded values and will reassert those ideals to the rest of the world.


Praise for The American Revelation

“At a time when there is a lot of uninformed talk about American values, it's important to reach back and understand what those values truly are. Neil Baldwin does it in this smart and thoughtful narrative by looking at ten examples, ranging from John Winthrop's great sermon invoking a "city on a hill" to the Marshall Plan that saved the prospect of free-market democracy in Europe.” —Walter Isaacson, author of Benjamin Franklin, An American Life

“The American Revelation is a revelation. Of Neil Baldwin's ten iconic lives, the incisive profile of the pioneering historian Carter Woodson stands out as a small masterpiece in the service of American exceptionalism at its best.” —David Levering Lewis, Pulitzer Prize winner, author of W. E. B. Du Bois: Biography of a Race : 1868-1919

“This is history at its best-a stirring, passionate account of ten Americans whose idealism helped shape our nation. For a country on the verge of a new, increasingly divisive era, The American Revelation comes just in the nick of time.” —Nathaniel Philbrick, National Book Award winner, author of In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Waleship Essex

“What is an American? What do Americans believe? Why do we act as we do? At a time when much of the world, and even we ourselves, may not always be sure, Neil Baldwin, in this fascinating study, draws an illuminating portrait of the people and ideals that have guided our national destiny.” —Ronald Steel, National Book Award winner, author of Walter Lippmann and the American Century

“A readable exercise in civics, and surely more inclusive than, say, William Bennett's or Lynne Cheney's published views on what those best ideals might be.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

“Eloquent…compelling.” —THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

“…this terrific book as historian and critic is the most up-to-the-minute, if not valuable, book [Baldwin has] written….[an] enormously readable book…” —THE BUFFALO NEWS

About the author

Neil Baldwin

NEIL BALDWIN was the executive director of the National Book Foundation sponsor of the National Book Awards for fifteen years. He is the author of ten previous books, including Henry Ford and the Jews: The Mass Production of Hate, Edison: Inventing the Century, and Man Ray: American Artist, as well as poetry, criticism, and history.

Neil Baldwin

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