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The Marines of Autumn

The Marines of Autumn

A Novel of the Korean War

James Brady

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War has been the inspiration of such great novels as The Red Badge of Courage and A Farewell to Arms, and daring feats of courage and tragic mistakes have been the foundation for such classic works. Now, for the first time ever, the Korean War has a novel that captures that courage and sacrifice.

When Captain Thomas Verity, USMC, is called back to action, he must leave his Georgetown home, career, and young daughter and rush to Korea to monitor Chinese radio transmissions. At first acting in an advisory role, he is abruptly thrust into MacArthur's last daring and disastrous foray-the Chosin Reservoir campaign-and then its desperate retreat.

Time magazine at the time recounted the retreat this way: "The running fight of the Marines...was a battle unparalleled in U.S. military history. It had some aspects of Bataan, some of Anzio, some of Dunkirk, some of Valley Forge, and some of 'the retreat of the 10,000' as described in Xenophon's Anabasis."

The Marines of Autumn is a stunning, shattering novel of war illuminated only by courage, determination, and Marine Corps discipline. And by love: of soldier for soldier, of men and their women, and of a small girl in Georgetown, whose father promised she would dance with him on the bridges of Paris. A child Captain Tom Verity fears he may never see again.

In The Marines of Autumn, James Brady captures our imagination and shocks us into a new understanding of war.


Praise for The Marines of Autumn

“The privation undergone by the U.S. Marines at the 'Frozen Chosin' in Korea, 1950, stands with the monumental infantry ordeals in the history of warfare. Now James Brady, who himself fought as a Marine rifle platoon leader in the same Taebaek Mountains of North Korea, brings this annal of valor to life in prose that is at once brutal, humorous, harrowing, and indelible. The Marines of Autumn takes its place among the unforgettable chronicles of war crafted by men, to paraphrase Whitman, 'who were there, who knew, who suffered.' Outstanding.” —Steven Pressfield, author of Tides of War and Gates of Fire

“In this thoroughly engrossing novel Brady captures the way the Marines of 1950 thought, talked, fought, and died. His Marines of Autumn are not the Marines of World War II or Vietnam, but the Marines of Korea, and a uniquely fascinating breed they were...At last we have a major Korean War novel!” —Martin Russ, author of Breakout: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea 1950

The Marines of Autumn is a you-are-there epic story that portrays the horror and the heroism of the corps' finest yet most critical hour. A truly gripping tale of a war that America has sadly forgotten.” —David Hackworth, U.S. soldier, Korea, 1950

“War reporting t its best-a graphic depiction, in all its horror, of the war we've almost forgotten...Jim Brady has used his finely honed reportorial skills to record his own frontline experiences in the Korean War. His story reads like a novel.” —Walter Cronkite on The Coldest War

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About the author

James Brady

James Brady was a baby-faced Marine in charge of a combat platoon during the Korean War. He captured these experiences in his highly praised memoir, The Coldest War. His weekly columns for Advertising Age and Parade magazines were considered must-reads by millions. He lived in Manhattan and East Hampton, New York.

James Brady

James Brady

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