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Yoga for All of Us

Yoga for All of Us

A Modified Series of Traditional Poses for Any Age and Ability

Peggy Cappy

St. Martin's Griffin




At last, a yoga program anyone can do! An accessible guide to gentle yoga stretches, based on the popular video and PBS television program of the same name.

You can enjoy the benefits of yoga – whatever your age, ability, or level of activity, even if you have never been able to participate in traditional yoga classes. This accessible guide to gentle yoga stretches and poses will help ease you into the world of this beneficial exercise. Experienced yoga instructor Peggy Cappy will help you gain energy, flexibility, and focus, through modified poses that will help strengthen and stretch your muscles and bring you peace of mind.

"Peggy Cappy makes it clear that you are never 'too old', 'too overweight' or 'too out of shape' to do yoga. Thank you, Peggy for sharing your love of yoga with all of us!" - Suza Francina, yoga teacher and author of The New Yoga for People over 50


Chapter One

How to use this book

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
---Arthur Ashe, American tennis player

Begin now. Use this book daily. Set aside time to try these yoga...

About the author

Peggy Cappy

PEGGY CAPPY began her study of yoga 33 years ago after a trip to India where she first saw yoga practiced. Peggy created Yoga for the Rest of Us because of her interaction with a special group of senior citizens that she has been teaching for sixteen years. The average age of the group is 78 and the oldest student is 98. Peggy lives in Dublin, New Hampshire

Peggy Cappy

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