Consigned to Death

Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries (Volume 1)

Jane K. Cleland

Minotaur Books

Josie Prescott’s friends thought she was nuts when she left her high-paying New York auction house job and her boyfriend to live on the rugged and beautiful New Hampshire coast. Truth is, Josie wondered a little herself—never mind that her peripheral involvement in a well-publicized price-fixing scandal made the possibility of a new start incredibly enticing.

Things are looking better, though, now that she’s got her own auction business up and running and has made something of a success of her new life. That is, until she gets mixed up in murder, and the supremely eligible but emotionally distant local police chief seems to think she’s the prime suspect.

Josie has suddenly got a lot to lose and no desire to leave her new life—or the possibility of a little romance—behind. So she sets her mind on identifying the killer and making the best out of her unfortunate circumstances. After all, Josie is grateful for her second chance in life and knows a third is just too much to ask…especially with a vicious killer on the loose.
Consigned to Death is the first novel in Jake K. Cleland's delightful series of mystery and antiques on the New Hampshire coast.


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Chapter One 
Eric!" I shouted from under the table.
"Yo!" he answered cheerfully, close by.
"Didn't I tell you to use linseed oil on this one?"
"I did."
I pushed myself out from under and stood up, brushing the grit from my hands onto my jeans. "Not on the back of the legs, you didn't."
"I thought I did," he said, beginning to hedge.
I'd been working hard and I was tired. Fighting an inclination to snap, I reminded myself that Eric was only nineteen, basically untrained but willing to learn, reliable, mostly honest,


Praise for Consigned to Death

Advance Praise for Consigned to Death

"As an Antiques Roadshow junkie, I am captivated by Jane K. Cleland's Consigned to Death. Josie Prescott is an engaging heroine--smart, ethical, and brimming over with antique lore which she communicates so naturally that I never felt as if I were being lectured. Beautifully crafted, thoroughly enjoyable."
--Margaret Maron, author of Rituals of the Season

"Learn from my mistake: Don't start this one at bedtime. Consigned to Death is a satisfying mixture of suspense and romance set in the highly competitive world of antiques auctions. I'm keeping my eye out for the next Josie Prescott mystery."
--Donna Andrews, author of Owl's Well That Ends Well

"Fans of Antiques Roadshow and cozy mysteries will love Jane K. Cleland's debut mystery, Consigned to Death. It's a real find definitely worth a nod and a bid."
--Karen Harper, author of The Fatal Fashione

"Don't just browse through Josie Prescott's consignment shop mystery, savor the setting. Consigned to Death is chock-full of charm, humor, and intrigue in a cozy city on New Hampshire's coastline."
--Nora Charles, author of Death is a Bargain

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  • Jane K. Cleland

  • Jane K. Cleland once owned a New Hampshire-based antiques and rare books business and now runs her own business communications firm in New York City. Consigned to Death is her first novel.
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