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He Loves Lucy

He Loves Lucy

Susan Donovan

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Marketing exec Lucy Cunningham is thrilled when her firm lands The Palm Club account. The campaign concept for Miami's hottest fitness club was Lucy's idea: take one fitness-challenged woman, put her in front of TV cameras, and into the hands of the club's top personal trainer, Theo Redmond. And there's a big cash reward for each pound shed. It seems like a brilliant idea-until Lucy gets picked to be the guinea pig. It's obvious she needs to drop the pounds, but the idea of letting it all hang out in front of some Malibu Ken jock has her choking on her Milk Duds before she even begins!

After one meeting, Theo knows Lucy will be his toughest client and one of the most unforgettable women he'll ever meet. Smart-mouthed and stubborn, it's clear she isn't fond of marching to anyone's drumbeat but her own. But she shocks Theo by rising to the challenge like a pro. And he finds his heart in jeopardy long before Lucy starts to slim down and turn heads.

As Lucy sweats her way into a whole new life, things start to heat up between her and Theo. But trust doesn't come easy for either of them. They've both been burned by romance in the past. Now Lucy and Theo are about to discover that appearances can be deceiving-and in the end, true love lies somewhere between pizza and Pilates...


"Nice to see you again, Lucy."
She heaved herself up from the low white leather couch in the Palm Club's lobby and stood before Trainer Ken in all his glory, wondering how the man had managed to become better-looking in the last...


Praise for He Loves Lucy

“Goofy comedy, white-hot sex, and ticking-bomb pacing will keep readers glued to the pages...this is a surefire crowd pleaser.” —Publishers Weekly on Public Displays of Affection

“A wonderful romance about second won't want to put [it] down.” —Romantic Times on Public Displays of Affection

“Smart, sassy and sensual. Susan Donovan will steal your heart.” —Christina Dodd, New York Times bestselling author, on Public Displays of Affection

“Fresh, fun and oh, so, sexy! Susan Donovan is gonna be a star!” —Susan Andersen, New York Times bestselling author, on Public Displays of Affection

“A perfect blend of humor, highly charged sexual tension, and emotional intensity. Susan Donovan is a must-read!” —Janelle Denison, USA Today bestselling author, on Public Displays of Affection

“Donovan has a real talent for painting hilarious word pictures that are pure gold. Take a Chance on Me is unquestionably one of the funniest, hottest books I've read this year.” —The Oakland Press on Take a Chance on Me

“Comic sharpness...the humorous interactions among Thomas, Emma, and Emma's quirky family give the book a golden warmth as earthy as its rural Maryland setting. But there are also enough explicit erotic interludes to please readers who like their romances spicy.” —Publishers Weekly on Take a Chance on Me

“Donovan blends humor and compassion in this opposites attract story. Sexy and masculine, Thomas fills the bill for the man of your dreams. Emma and Thomas deserve a chance at true love. Delightfully entertaining, Take a Chance on Me is a guaranteed good time.” —Old Book Barn Gazette on Take a Chance on Me

“Full of humor, sensuality, and emotion with excellent protagonists and supporting characters...a wonderful tale. Don't be afraid to take a chance on this one. You'll love it.” —Affaire de Coeur on Take a Chance on Me

“Impossible to put down...Susan Donovan is an absolute riot. You're reading a paragraph that is so sexually charged you can literally feel the air snapping with electricity and the next second one of the characters has a thought that is so absurd...that you are laughing out loud. Susan Donovan has a very unique, off-the-wall style that should keep her around for many books to come. Do NOT pass this one up.” —Romance Junkie Review on Take a Chance on Me

“Susan Donovan has created a vastly entertaining romance in her latest book Take a Chance on Me. The book has an ideal cast of characters...a very amusing, pleasurable read...all the right ingredients are there, and Ms. Donovan has charmingly dished up an absolutely fast, fun, and sexy read!” —Road to Romance on Take a Chance on Me

“Contemporary romances don't get much better than Take a Chance on Me...such wonderful characters! You want sexual tension? This book drips with it. How about a love scene that is everything that a love scene should be? There's humor, a touch of angst, and delightful dialogue...Take a Chance on Me is going to end up very, very high on my list of best romances for 2003.” —All About Romance on Take a Chance on Me

“Combine one voluptuous, smart but insecure heroine with one drop-dead gorgeous, smart but insecure hero; add a disco-dancing hairless dog, a precocious preteen, a few sarcastic co-workers, some bad guys and a corpse; throw in a one dash each suspense and humor; and boil with sexual tension. That's the recipe for. . .Susan Donovan's Take a Chance on Me.” —Hagerstoon Herald on Take a Chance on Me

“Fun, fast and sexy.” —Lori Foster, New York Times bestselling author, on Knock Me Off My Feet

“Spicy debut...[A] surprise ending and lots of playfully erotic love scenes will keep readers entertained.” —Publishers Weekly on Knock Me Off My Feet

“Donovan's blend of romance and mystery is thrilling.” —Booklist on Knock Me Off My Feet

“Knock Me Off My Feet will knock you off your feet...Ms. Donovan crafts an excellent mixture to intrigue you and delight you. You'll sigh as you experience the growing love between Autumn and Quinn and giggle over their dialogue. And you'll be surprised as the story unfolds. I highly recommend this wonderfully entertaining story.” —Old Book Barn Gazette on Knock Me Off My Feet

“From the beginning I was hooked by the author's fast-paced writing and funny situations...I highly recommend this debut book by Susan Donovan. You'll just have to ignore the ironing and vacuuming and order pizza for the family until you've finished being knocked off your feet by this saucy, sexy romp.” —A Romance Review on Knock Me Off My Feet

“Hilarious...full of sass and sizzle.” —Julie Ortolon, USA Today bestselling author of Don't Tempt Me, on Knock Me Off My Feet

“Knock Me Off My Feet is sexy, sizzling and downright funny. . .it's quite a potent package!” —Romantic Times (Top Pick) on Knock Me Off My Feet

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About the author

Susan Donovan

Susan Donovan's novels are witty, sexy, and entertaining—"brain candy for smart women," as she puts it. Her books include Not That Kind of Girl, The Night She Got Lucky and Ain't Too Proud to Beg. Susan is a former newspaper journalist with degrees from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and has worked as a reporter in Chicago, Albuquerque, and Indianapolis. Her other jobs have included fine arts fundraiser, freelance journalist, painted furniture artist, horse stall mucker, proposal writer, and aide to a U.S. Senator. Susan lives in rural Maryland with her family and dogs.

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