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Bobby Allison and the Saga of the Alabama Gang

Peter Golenbock

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While you were sitting in the stands or watching at home on TV, did you ever ask yourself what's really going on behind the scenes? Take a ride on the seat next to auto-racing legend Bobby Allison and relive the dramatic saga of the Alabama Gang in this unique look at NASCAR from the inside.

Bobby Allison, who ranks third place in wins in NASCAR history, began his Grand National/Winston Cup career in 1966. After winning eighty-five races, he retired in 1988 when an accident at Pocono Raceway nearly killed him. He was severely brain injured, and it took him a full fifteen years to recover. After the accident, more tragedy struck. In 1992 his younger son, Clifford, died in a crash at the age of twenty-seven. A year later, his other son, Davey, died in a helicopter accident, and in 1994 he lost his close friend and protégé Neil Bonnet in a fatal crash. Then Bobby and his wife, Judy, separated and divorced. Through it all Bobby Allison persevered.
Today Bobby's mind is as sharp, detailed, and analytical as anyone's in sports. Bobby remembers so much, in such great detail, the stories he tells leap off the page. It's all there---the feuds, the infighting, the victories, the accusations of cheating, and worse.
Incredibly, Bobby, the poster boy for hard work, honesty, and integrity, holds nothing back, even when it reflects poorly on him. "It happened, and there's nothing I can do about that," is what he says. The result is raw racing history.
Along with the Earnhardts, the Jarretts, and the Pettys, the Allisons are racing family royalty, and Miracle, a family saga of determination, loyalty, and love, is filled with some of the greatest racing stories of all time. If you ever wanted to read a book that puts you in the garage, in the pits, and in the boardrooms, and at the same time tugs at your heartstrings---this is the book for you.


Praise for Miracle

“The Allisons were the heart and soul of stock car racing---in victory and in tragedy. Golenbock captures the heartbreak and the inspiration of their story, from the thrilling rides in big-time races to the true grit of an American family fighting to survive.”” —Robert Lipsyte, former New York Times sports columnist

“NASCAR is not just about sheet metal and horsepower; it's about people. Bobby Allison is an American hero, and this book allows us to become temporary members of his family. By the last page, we all want to give Bobby and Judy Allison a hug. This is the best NASCAR book ever written.” —Tom Cotter, NASCAR historian and author of Holman Moody: The Legendary Race Team

“You hold in your hands, reader, our family saga. It's about racing, beating the odds, chasing your dream, making something out of nothing and, of course, the importance of family. Peter Golenbock has done a wonderful job telling our tale. We hope it entertains and inspires you.” —Judy Allison, Bobby Allison's wife

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Peter Golenbock

Peter Golenbock has written six New York Times bestsellers. His books include American Zoom, The Last Lap, and NASCAR Confidential. He lives in Florida.

Peter Golenbock

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