Further Than Passion

Cheryl Holt

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Kate Duncan agrees to help her young cousin land a husband though she draws the line when she learns the foolish girl wants to use an apothecary's love potion to snag the notorious Marcus Pelham! To prove the elixir a fake, Kate drinks it herself-and experiences the most erotic moment of her life when she stumbles upon Marcus in a most compromising position. Every nerve in Kate's body sings as she watches from the shadows, but is her response a result of the potion...or the man? Luckily, Marcus is far too busy to notice Kate's spying-or so she thinks...

As the Earl of Stamford, Marcus has his choice of willing ladies to share his bed. Yet nothing has ever aroused him as much as the image of Kate watching him. Marcus tries to have a little fun with Kate by drinking the elixir-and then appearing to lose all control every time she's near. But the prank goes awry when Marcus finds himself wildly and truly attracted to the innocent Kate. As he teaches her the passionate art of seduction, will he lose his heart for the very first time?


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LONDON, ENGLAND, 1813 . . .
“A love potion?” Kate Duncan scoffed. “Tell me that you’re joking. Please.”
“I’m not.”
“For what could you possibly hope to use it?”
Her distant cousin sixteen-year-old Lady Melanie Lewis was mutinous. “What would you suppose? I intend to make Lord Stamford fall in love with me.”
Kate could barely keep from laughing aloud. “Lord Stamford? Fall in love?”
Struggling for calm, Kate took a deep breath. “Where did you obtain it?”


Praise for Further Than Passion

Praise for Deeper Than Desire
"Just about the best writer of erotic romance that we've got."-Statesman Journal (Salem, Oregon)

"Sexy, titillating love story...add some suspense, abductions, a mad villain and an exciting climax and you have all you need in an erotic romance."-Romantic Times

"The thing that I like best about Cheryl Holt's writing is that she makes her characters come alive as their stories unfold. You get mad, glad, sad, and sexy as the devil while reading her glorious books that not only are well written erotic stories but they have substance and a good storyline concerning the characters' lives that make them human and realistic. Now this is a writer to watch because she is going places. Ms. Holt delivers stories that you love reading. They are hot and spicy...filled with compelling characters that set your heart to racing with her imaginative and titillating storytelling."-ReaderToReader.com

"An intricate tapestry of intriguing characters." -Romancereaderatheart.com

"Romance fans will enjoy this erotic tale of forbidden love that feels and is right. Holt turns up the heat with this superior historical."--The Best Reviews.com

"Cheryl Holt will ravish her reading audience with this well written tale. Her clever plot will lure the reader on, as she seduces one to continue reading page after page. Filled with sexual tension and loaded with secondary story lines, one comes away satisfied. If a delightful taste of erotica is what you are looking for, you will find your senses replete in Deeper Than Desire." --Simegen.com

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  • Cheryl Holt

  • Cheryl Holt is a lawyer, mom, and bestselling novelist who lives on the Oregon coast. Her varied employment history includes public school teacher, mediator, cook, bartender, lobbyist, musician, and political activist. A graduate of the University of Wyoming College of Law, she worked as a law clerk for the Attorney General of Colorado and Wyoming. Later, she served as a deputy district attorney in metro-Denver. She has numerous national writing awards to her credit, including the prestigious Reviewer's Choice award from Romantic Times magazine. Further Than Passion is her thirteenth book.

    She loves to hear from fans. You may visit her Web site at www.cherylholt.com or write to her at: cheryl@cherylholt.com
  • Cheryl Holt


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