How the Rich Get Thin

Park Avenue's Top Diet Doctor Reveals the Secrets to Losing Weight and Feeling Great

St. Martin's Press

You know the ones: the women walking down Park or Fifth Avenues on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Hermes handbag on the arm. Hair just so.  Sleek and groomed as greyhounds.  How The Rich Get Thin, from one of New York’s premier weight control doctors, reveals the secrets of how the successful and rich get and stay thin.  With a quick-start two week program that the dieter later builds on to keep losing weight and eventually to maintain their shape, How The Rich Get Thin includes:
--Meal plans high in protein, omega-3 fats and complex carbohydrates
--Calcium, through food rather than supplements, in the maximum amount the body can absorb at a time
--A morning exercise program as an adjunct to eating
--The Stop Watch method to curb food cravings: any craving can be stopped within just 15 minutes
--How to eat at fabulous restaurants, for business or pleasure, and keep losing weight.


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Chapter One

The Park Avenue Mind-set

You can never be too rich or too thin.

--Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor


The Upper East Side of Manhattan is one of the most exciting and dynamic places in the world. It is also one of the areas of highest concentrated wealth in the world. The people who live in the elegant apartments and town houses in our neighborhood have a lifestyle defined by long working hours, hectic schedules, and the pressure of always looking their best. They are under constant time constraint juggling work, deadlines, meetings and social

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Praise for How the Rich Get Thin

"You might not be able to afford the Hermes, but you can fit into the pencil skirt."
--The New York Post
"A healthy alternative for busy people."
--Maria Bartiromo, managing editor and host, The Wall Street Journal Report
"A practical plan for healthy weight loss."
--Atlanta Woman
"Deprivation level: Nothing a new Balenciaga suit can't cure."
--New York Magazine
"Eat less but eat well."
"A high-calcium, high-protein diet...[that] can work even for those without a Park Avenue budget."
"Whether you're rich or poor, it takes work, no excuses."
--Salt Lake Tribune
 "A simple plan that, within a mere few days, will make anyone look--and feel--like a million bucks."
--Kirkus Reviews
"For years glamorous New Yorkers...have been squeezing into their micro-skirts by trusting Jana Klauer's advice, and this book spreads the word."
--Kristina Stewart Ward, contributor, Vanity Fair
"Accessible and easy to read, Dr. Klauer's book is a must."
--Marianne J. Legato, M.D., author of Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget
"Jana Klauer, M.D. recommends her anytime, anywhere Stop!Watch! method...we swear by it!"
"You can be as thin and fit as the Park Avenue mavens who make up Dr. Klauer's practice."
--The Dallas Morning News
"You will eat this up."
--Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Packed with advice."
--Saint Paul Pioneer Press
"Sticking to Klauer's strict regimen isn't easy, but neither is life on Park Avenue."
--Publishers Weekly

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  • Jana Klauer, M.D., is the national director of nutrition at Equinox in New York City. She is also a research fellow at the New York Obesity Research Center of St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and is actively involved in clinical research on obesity. She is in private practice in New York City, where she lives.


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How the Rich Get Thin

Park Avenue's Top Diet Doctor Reveals the Secrets to Losing Weight and Feeling Great

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