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The Shadow Catchers

The Shadow Catchers

A Mike Yeager and Peggy Weaver Mystery

Mike Yeager and Peggy Weaver (Volume 1)

Thomas Lakeman

Minotaur Books




FBI Special Agent Mike Yeager is in trouble. His most recent case---a child kidnapping, his usual---ended tragically, and the FBI has suspended him. Worse, Mike can't seem to forgive himself. He's run away from everything he knows in Philadelphia to the mountains of Nevada in an attempt to forget.

Now in Nevada, he's stumbled into the world of a killer: in the small town of San Cristobal, one child was killed accidentally---or so it seems---a few weeks before Mike's arrival. The day after he shows up, an adult is murdered, and soon another child disappears. Mike doesn't want to get involved, but he can't help himself, first because as a stranger in town he's got to prove to the local law enforcement that he's not the killer, and second, because he's in the perfect place to solve the case and redeem himself in the eye of the FBI. Not to mention that at least one more child's life is at stake.

Thomas Lakeman is one of those rare talents who has composed a first novel that doesn't read like a debut at all, but instead is written with the precision and tightly drawn suspense of one of the genre's masters.


Chapter One

"Okay, now do me," said the waitress at the Silver Star Cafe. "Tell me whatcha see."

Three hours out of Vegas and six miles from nowhere, the Silver Star was supposed to be southern Nevada's oldest eating establishment....


Praise for The Shadow Catchers

"Lakeman delivers a winning protagonist, good pacing and natural dialogue." - Publishers Weekly

"A grim, proficient first novel." - Kirkus Reviews

"Lakeman relates his nightmare with skill, confidence and a sharp eye for detail... The Shadow Catchers is an engrossing read." - The Washington Post

"Comes on like gangbusters... An auspicious debut." - Boston Globe

"Thomas Lakeman had me hooked to the end, where the plot twisted like an Olympic diver." - The Charlotte Observer

"Pitch perfect noir, filled with dark corners, even in the sunlight." - Florida Sun-Sentinel

"The Shadow Catcher is a compelling onion of a book, and it takes a lot of peeling to get down to the core." - Gumshoe Review

"Lakeman writes like a veteran." - Crime Spree Magazine

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About the author

Thomas Lakeman

Thomas Lakeman was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. A graduate of the University of the South, he received an MFA from Carnegie-Mellon University. After spending several years working in the Internet world in California, he is now a university professor in Alabama. The Shadow Catchers is his first novel.

Thomas Lakeman



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