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The Bachelorette Party

The Bachelorette Party

A Novel

Karen McCullah Lutz

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After being left at the altar by her soap star fiancé, Los Angeles high school teacher Zadie Roberts wants nothing more to do with love and romance. With the help of her best buddy Grey and several bottles of wine, she just might survive the trauma of the wedding that wasn't. Unexpectedly, Grey gets engaged to Zadie's prim and proper cousin Helen, and suddenly Zadie is dragged back into wedding festivity hell. The coup de grace is Helen's bachelorette party, thrown by her clique of prissy friends and certain to be a day of torture. But when the Pinot Grigiot goes down and the sweater sets come off, things get out of control. Helen turns into a girl gone wild and manages to get herself into a situation that just might sink the happy couple for good. Zadie faces a major debacle: should she tell Grey about Helen's night of indiscretion, or forever hold her peace?

The Bachelorette Party is a remarkable, assured debut. Lutz's terrific characters and sharp insights put this delightful novel a step above the rest.



There was no one in the state of California, on the planet, or in the ozone who wanted to watch Days of Our Lives less than Zadie Roberts. But there she was, stuck in the waiting room of a Jiffy Lube on Ventura Boulevard,...


Praise for The Bachelorette Party

“Solidly written” —Library Journal

“It should come as no surprise that the coauthor of the movie "Legally Blonde" has penned an equally hilarious, female-bonding-inspired romp. Laugh-out-loud funny with a nasty edge, this is chick lit for mean girls.” —Publishers Weekly

“Raucously funny with dead-on observations. Grade 'A'.” —Entertainment Weekly

“I woke my husband up from a deep sleep within the first few chapters of this adorably hilarious book. I laughed through every step of Zadie's uncomfortable, single existence. The perfect vacation book. You won't put it down until you're done.” —Selma Blair, actress

“Attention chick lit fans: The Bachelorette Party is laugh-out-loud fun and not to be missed! Karen Lutz of "Legally Blonde" fame scores big time with a heroine whose spot-on, smart-mouthed observations about life, love and La-La Land will keep you turning the pages and hoping for a sequel.” —Jane Heller, author of Best Enemies and Lucky Stars

“I absolutely loved this witty, charming, and wickedly funny book and could not put it down! Karen Lutz introduces a character whose experiences are accurate, poignant, and so hilarious they will make you laugh out loud!” —Amanda Brown, author of Legally Blonde and Family Trust

“I loved it! I couldn't stop reading it. So good and so funny! Zadie's observations on life are hysterical. Completely delicious and original.” —Heather Graham, actress

“I'm a guy. I don't usually like books like this. But Karen McCullah Lutz tells a tale so wonderfully crass and insightful that I found myself wrapped up, engaged and laughing out loud at almost every page. If you've had enough of "Sex and the City" but not its subject, you've gotta read this book. It's a truly fresh take on friendship, women and the pop culture they live in. An effortless and hilarious read I just couldn't put down.” —Peter Horton, actor, director

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About the author

Karen McCullah Lutz

Karen McCullah Lutz co-wrote the films 10 Things I Hate About You and Legally Blonde. She attended James Madison University in Virginia and currently resides in the Hollywood Hills with her husband Walter and dog Millie. The Bachelorette Party is her first novel.

Karen McCullah Lutz

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