Dead Man Running

Torie O'Shea Mysteries (Volume 9)

Rett MacPherson

Minotaur Books

Torie O’Shea has her hands full. Aside from her new duties as president of the Historical Society in New Kassel, Missouri, and her interest in genealogy, she’s having a new house built, coordinating the town’s Oktoberfest, and coping with her teenage daughter, who’s beginning to date. Then at the request of a local journalist, Torie takes on an assignment to research the families of her hometown’s two mayoral candidates: incumbent Bill Castlereagh and his challenger, Sheriff Colin Brooke, who happens to be Torie’s step-father.
Before she can get anywhere on the politicians’ genealogies, though, a body turns up and spoils the Oktoberfest parade. Sheriff Brooke discovers some disturbing information about the dead man. Meanwhile, Torie’s research into Castlereagh’s genealogy is turning up more questions than answers. As the case unravels, the mayor flees town and Torie is left with a shocking discovery that might lead to her own demise.
Once again, Rett MacPherson’s charming characters and twisting plot keep the town of New Kassel—and the reader—on edge, making Dead Man Running a delightful addition to the Torie O’Shea series.


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Chapter One 
I have come to the conclusion that boys are different from girls. 
Case in point: My son never stops moving. He's almost three, and I don't think he's stopped moving since last March, not even in his sleep. He has a lot more spit than my daughters ever had. Everything comes with sound effects, even if it's just milk being poured into a glass. With Matthew, nothing is ever what it is. A ball isn't a ball. It's a spaceship ball flying through space at a zillion miles an hour. A dog isn't a dog. It's a secret agent dog. Not that he can comprehend exactly what


Praise for Dead Man Running

Praise for Rett MacPherson
"MacPherson deftly ties together fascinating historical facts, colorful characters, and a suspenseful plot."
---Booklist on Thicker Than Water
"Weaving the story and the characters into the believable minutiae of small-town life, MacPherson provides a stellar example of the traditional cozy."
---Publishers Weekly on Blood Relations
"A slice of Americana as warm and comforting as apple pie à la mode."
---Booklist on Blood Relations
 "O'Shea has developed into a thoroughly likable character, funny and with enough flaws to make her human. Long may she snoop."
---St. Louis Post-Dispatch
"Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged, for Killing Cousins is an absorbing book that makes the reader feel like part of the long-ago tragedy."
---Romantic Times on Killing Cousins
"MacPherson once again displays her mastery of the cozy form, adroitly mixing charming characters (both new and old), a plot steeped in family drama, plenty of humor, and just enough grit to keep the story grounded in the real world."
---Booklist on A Misty Mourning
"Plenty of entertaining characters, and MacPherson skillfully connects the family's many subplots. . . . A heartrending tale of family pride and the cover-ups to keep it intact."
---Publishers Weekly (starred review) on A Comedy of Heirs

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  • Rett MacPherson

  • Rett MacPherson is the author of eight previous Torie O'Shea novels. She lives with her husband and three children in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.
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