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Wanting Sheila Dead

Wanting Sheila Dead

A Gregor Demarkian Mystery

Gregor Demarkian Novels (Volume 25)

Jane Haddam

Minotaur Books




"Haddam manages to produce each time a layered, richly peopled, and dryly witty book with a plot of mind-bending complexity."

—Houston Chronicle on Glass Houses

Sheila Dunham is a gossip columnist's dream—she's famous, loud and, to most who meet or see her, deeply offensive. As a result, she's been fired from every job on television she's ever had—first as a serious journalist, then as a personality, finally as a reality show judge. Now she's producing and hosting her own reality show, "America's Next Top Anchor," shot in her hometown of New Fenwick, Connecticut. Everyone she employs is terrified of her; everyone one else hates her. And everybody seems to want Sheila dead.

Finally it seems someone has decided to try. After millions of dollars of jewels are stolen from her home, she is found beaten into unconciousness, next to the murdered body of a local girl. If nothing else, her show's ratings are going to improve.

Gregor Demarkian, a retired FBI agent, is already scheduled to appear on her show but he's going to consult on the biggest murder case to hit that part of Connecticut since the Revolutionary War. But how do you narrow down the suspects when the victim was hated by everyone?


The line began to form in front of the great double doors of the Milky Way Ballroom at just after six in the morning. By ten, when the rain started to fall, it went to the end of the block and around the corner and to the end of the block again...


Praise for Wanting Sheila Dead

“Outstanding...Haddam has few peers at misdirection, and she celverly satirizes the reality show industry while continuing to add depth to her lead.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Haddam's series characters are engaging as always, including Demarkian's quirkly Armenian neighborhood, which has enough character to count as one.” —Charlotte News Observer

“Her take on reality TV, its egos and backstage battles, is fresh and entertaining, and (as usual) the mystery is sharply plotted. Eventually Haddam may have to deal with the fact that Demarkian's age will prevent him from continuing to solve crimes, but let's hope that's not for a while yet.” —Booklist

“Haddam gleefully satirizes reality TV and offers a well though out appreciation of Agatha Christie's novels, which she lets Demarkian savor for the first time.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Jane Haddam

JANE HADDAM, author of more than twenty novels, has been a finalist for both the Edgar and the Anthony award. She lives in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

Jane Haddam



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