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Secrets of the Lean Plate Club

Secrets of the Lean Plate Club

A Simple Step-by-Step Program to Help You Shed Pounds and Keep Them Off for Good

Sally Squires

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Sally Squires M.S., writes The Washington Post's nationally syndicated Lean Plate Club column, and has put her nutritionally sound principles into a new book that no dieter should be without. As all the recent studies have shown, you can lose about the same amount of weight on any of the most popular diets out there. The problem is keeping it off. Here, in what can be called an encyclopedia of nutrition, you will learn how to pick the best diet tailored to your own personal needs and then you'll learn how to incorporate the tools offered by Sally to make any diet work better for you.

The Lean Plate Club philosophy is unique—it focuses on how to add food. Yes, that's right—adding new food, habits, skills, and activity to your life will all help you to achieve a healthy weight. It's this kind of ‘non-diet' approach that has helped millions of Lean Plate Club members from across the country shed pounds and keep them off without special foods, weight loss medications, or weight loss surgery.

Secrets of the Lean Plate Club features tips and techniques to help you:

*Rediscover the joy of eating well
*Avoid nutritional mischief and exercise boredom
*Recover from "slips" so that they don't become slides into failure
*Learn from "successful losers" with strategies, suggestions, and inspiration for healthy habits, grocery shopping and recipes.

With her eight-week customized, personal weight loss program, Sally offers the strategies for making weight loss results stick! Secrets of the Lean Plate Club is the first and only step you'll need to keep the weight off and learn how to live a leaner life.


Chapter One

Secrets of the Lean Plate Club

The messages often begin like this:

"Hi, Sally. I need to lose 20 pounds for a wedding later this month. What can I do?"

"Dear Sally—I've lost 35 pounds over the past year,...


Praise for Secrets of the Lean Plate Club

“The seasoned creator of the hot Washington Post diet column elegantly coaxes us through an 8- week balanced program for sustainable and healthy weight loss that everyone can follow. Climb on board.” —Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., co-author of the New York Times Bestseller You: The Owner's Manual

About the author

Sally Squires

SALLY SQUIRES has a master's degree in nutrition from Columbia University and is an award-winning, nationally syndicated columnist with The Washington Post. She is the co-author of The Stoplight Diet for Children. She lives in Washington, DC.

Sally Squires

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