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Phantom Gourmet Guide to Boston's Best Restaurants

Phantom Gourmet Guide to Boston's Best Restaurants

The Phantom Gourmet

St. Martin's Griffin




Boston's well-known "mysterious" food critic has honed his compendium of restaurant knowledge into his selection of the Boston area's best restaurants. The Phantom lists his favorite eight (also known as the "Great Ate") restaurants in 60 categories from comfort food and fried clams to Chinese and Italian. There are also lists devoted to neighborhoods and regions, from the North End to the North Shore. The nearly 500 restaurant reviews are also catalogued in alphabetical, geographical, and cuisine indexes for easy reference.

Unlike the competition, this book has a voice and exhibits the well-respected local expertise of the Phantom Gourmet himself. Moreover, rather than list every restaurant under the sun, the Phantom selects the places he feels are worthwhile and explains why, giving restaurant-goers more guidance when they're looking for a place to eat.



As the Phantom Gourmet, Boston's most trustworthy restaurant critic, I've guarded my top-secret identity like a sacred family recipe. I always dine in disguise; I have enough aliases to fake out the CIA; and I never leave...


Praise for Phantom Gourmet Guide to Boston's Best Restaurants

“A must-read for foodies all over Boston.” —Pat Purcell, President and Publisher of Herald Media, Inc. (The Boston Herald)

“In its second year, the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival on Lansdowne Street next to Fenway Park became the premeire food and restaurant event in Boston. When the Phantom speaks, the people have spoken.” —Patrick Lyons, President of The Lyons Group and Boston's "nightlife guru" according to The Boston Globe

“With the syndicated television marketplace loaded with silly reality shows, Phantom Gourmet stands out as local relevant and compelling content that connects the viewer to fun places they may want to experience.” —Julio Marenghi, President of CBS4, UPN38, and UPN28

“The Phantom Gourmet understands what makes restaurants tick and knows what each one does best. The Phantom Gourmet's Guide to Boston's Best Restaurants is a wonderful resource for locals and visitors alike.” —Jasper White, Chef at Summer Shack and James Beard Award-winning "Best Chef in the Northeast" in 2004

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The Phantom Gourmet

The Phantom Gourmet is an anonymous New England restaurant critic who dines in disguise, never revealing his identity and always paying his own bills. He is thus able to serve up the most honest and trustworthy restaurant reviews through his television, radio, and newspaper outlets.

The Phantom Gourmet

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