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Bad Faith

Bad Faith

A Sister Agatha Mystery

Sister Agatha Mysteries (Volume 1)

Aimee and David Thurlo

Minotaur Books




Once she was Professor Mary Naughton, investigative reporter, teacher, and free spirit. Now she is Sister Agatha of Our Lady of Hope, a cloistered, financially-struggling monastery in New Mexico. As an extern-a nun who handles her order's dealings with the outside world-she is used to having her faith and newly-acquired patience tested. But when popular chaplain Father Anselm is poisoned to death in the middle of Mass, Sister Agatha has to bring all her worldly skepticism and savvy instincts to uncover the truth before scandal and unjust suspicion destroy Our Lady of Hope's future. She's up against a hostile local sheriff, an ex-lover who's never forgiven her for 'abandoning' their life together. She's got no shortage of suspects-with-secrets outside-and inside-the monastery. And she'll have to race the clock to stop one remorseless murderer before there's more hell to pay...

WILLA Literary Award - Finalist


BAD FAITH (Chapter 1)
Sister Agatha stared at the black smoke around the tailpipe of the old Chrysler station wagon. This rusted-out bucket of bolts was what Our Lady of Hope Monastery graciously called transportation. Wiping her greasy hands...


Praise for Bad Faith

“[Sister Agatha] is intelligent, determined, funny and deeply religious, yet completely unstuffy...[a] thoughtful mystery novel.” —Dallas Morning News

“The Thurlos write with the same grace, savvy, and sense of place that make the Ella Clah mysteries so absorbing.” —Booklist

“If there was ever a nun born to raise hell, it's Sister Agatha...astride her classic Harley-with a refined police dog in the sidecar-she puts the fear of God into evildoers all over the Southwest. Let's hope Sister Agatha returns soon-this is one nun who could become habit-forming.” —William Rabkin, executive producer of Diagnosis: Murder

“Sister Agatha of the most original and interesting characters in the mystery field today...reading about Sister Agatha and following her exploits in Bad Faith almost makes me wish I had a vocation so I could move into her convent and spend time with her...of course, the fact that she has help from above to solve the case gives a delightful extra dimension to the story. I look forward to [her] next adventure with much anticipation. Until then, I'll have to comfort myself with thinking holy thoughts.” —Carolina Garcia-Aguilera, Shamus Award-winning author of Bitter Sugar

“Entertaining...intriguing.” —Mystery Lovers Bookshop News

“You have to read Bad Faith and meet Sister Agatha. She loves being herself-logical, witty, sometimes a bit stubborn, but always willing to take a risk and try again...oh, yes, she solves her first mystery too. I sure hope it won't be her last!” —Joan Wester Anderson, bestselling author of Where Angels Walk

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About the author

Aimee and David Thurlo

Aimée and David Thurlo are the authors of more than forty novels, including seven mysteries featuring Ella Clah, and have been published in more than twenty countries. Bad Faith is the first book in a series to feature Sister Agatha. The authors live in Corrales, New Mexico.

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