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The Darkest Part of the Woods

The Darkest Part of the Woods

Ramsey Campbell

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Ramsey Campbell is the world's most honored living horror writer, with more than twenty World Fantasy, British Fantasy, Bram Stoker, and other awards to his credit. Hailed as one of the most literate and literary writers of our time, in genre and out, Campbell has been acclaimed as a "master of dark fantasy" by Clive Barker, one of today's "finest writers of supernatural horror and psychological suspense" by the Charleston Post & Courier, the "master of a skewed and exquisitely terrifying style" by Library Journal, "one of the world's foremost horror writers" by the San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle, and a "master of mood" by Publishers Weekly.

In The Darkest Part of the Woods, Campbell introduces readers to the Price family, whose lives have for decades been snarled with the fate of the ancient forest of Goodmanswood. Here, Dr. Lennox Price discovered a hallucinogenic moss that quickly became the focus of a cult-and though the moss and the trees on which it grew are long gone, it seems as if the whole forest can now affect the minds of visitors.

After Lennox is killed trying to return to his beloved wood, his widow seems to see and hear him in the trees-or is it a dark version of the Green Man that caresses her with leafy hands? Lennox's grandson heeds a call to lie in his lover's arms in the very heart of the forest-and cannot help but wonder what the fruit of that love will be.

And Heather, Lennox's daughter, who turned her back on her father's mysteries and sought sanctuary in the world of facts and history? Goodmanswood summons her as well . . .

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The Mound in the Dark

HEATHER was scanning into the computer a book that smelled of all its centuries when Randall answered the phone. She looked up to find him holding a finger to his faint smile as if hushing himself...


Praise for The Darkest Part of the Woods

“His stories take place in a world full of threat and insinuation, where even the most contemporary objects shine with a sinister light. The world Ramsey Campbell takes for granted is the world of our darkest nightmares.” —Peter Straub

“Ramsey Campbell writes quiet, precise, grim psychological novels--literary cousins of M. C. Escher's disturbing mathematical images. Campbell writes vividly and convincingly about the existence of evil. He continues to break new ground, advancing the style and thematic content of horror fiction far beyond the works of his contemporaries.” —The Washington Post

“Ramsey Campbell distills the sort of pure quiet terror few other writers even know exists. Like Stephen King at his very best, Campbell plumbs the depths of what humans can do to each other. A terrifying, ferocious, and deeply compassionate book.” —Sarah Smith, author of The Knowledge of Water and The Vanished Child

“Campbell continues to produce fiction that astonishes, unsettles, and--in its deeply perverse fashion--delights. No one is better than Campbell at creating-and maintaining-a sense of nebulous, impending doom. Pact of the Fathers is the clear product of a master craftsman with a grim, unflinching vision of the world and of our precarious positions in it. Like the best contemporary horror fiction, Pact of the Fathers is exhilarating and unsettling in equal measure, and leaves a lingering aftertaste behind.” —Locus

“Ramsey Campbell is highly regarded for his sensitive use of the language and his ability to create psychologically complex characters.” —Dean Koontz

“He provides the reader with insights and chills only a master of dark fantasy could achieve.” —Clive Barker

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About the author

Ramsey Campbell

Ramsey Campbell has won more awards than any other living author of horror or dark fantasy, including four World Fantasy Awards, nine British Fantasy Awards, three Bram Stoker Awards, and two International Horror Guild Awards. Critically acclaimed both in the US and in England, Campbell is widely regarded as one of the genre's literary lights for both his short fiction and his novels. His classic novels, such as The Face that Must Die, The Doll Who Ate His Mother, and The Influence, set new standards for horror as literature. His collection, Scared Stiff, virtually established the subgenre of erotic horror.

Ramsey Campbell's works have been published in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and several other languages. He has been President of the British Fantasy Society and has edited critically acclaimed anthologies, including Fine Frights. Campbell's best known works in the US are Obsession, Incarnate, Midnight Sun, and Nazareth Hill.

Ramsey Campbell

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