The Golden Hills of Westria

Diana L. Paxson

Tor Books

A new story and a new generation grows as Diana Paxson returns to Westria, her classic fantasy realm, in the first new novel in that land in more than a decade. Prince Phoenix has always been a bit restless, never quite measuring up to the expectations of his father King Julian. Sombra, Phoenix's childhood friend, believes in him, but she has her own duties as a student of the College of the Wise. Their relationship surpasses friendship, but their responsibilities take precedence over their feelings. Then Phoenix is abducted in a raid and sold to slavers. Eduring pain and humiliation, Phoenix must find a way to survive, even if that means losing his sense of self, and becoming a danger to the people that he loves.
While King Julian searches for his lost son, a growing army of fanatics led by the charismatic Mother Mahalial is conquering land after land, and its final destination is the golden land of Westria. The only person that can sense Phoenix's plight is Sombra, and her attempt to rescue him may decide the fate of the kingdom.

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Chapter One Initiation
"Seeker, why have you come here?"
Sunlight blazed suddenly through the moving leaves, overwhelming sight, but the voice of the priest who guarded the Gate carried clearly. Sombra strained to hear the response of the red-headed boy who stood before it.
The late-summer sun released the sweet smell of ripe grass from the golden hills, though there was a brisk bite to the wind. The blue summit of the Lady Mountain rose above the trees, watching over the province of Seagate as she watched over the young people who had come here to seek


Praise for The Golden Hills of Westria

Praise for The Golden Hills of Westria:

"Diana L. Paxson skillfully weaves together a page-turner plot, complex characters, compelling and timely social issues, and an unforgettable world based on deeply spiritual values. Fans of her previous "Westria" novels will rejoice at this new, immensely rich addition to that saga, and readers who have not yet sampled Westria's delights are in for a real treat." -Deborah J. Ross, co-author of A Flame in Hali

"Westria is back! Fans of the series will rejoice, and it's sure to win new readers to a wonderful series. Paxson's sense of place in post-apocalypse southwestern North America is exquisite, but even stronger is her characterization. The passions of the new generation ring so true, but not forgotten are the older folk, with their concerns--and their perspective. I love this book--could not put it down." -Sherwood Smith

"A new Paxson and a new Westria: what a treat! A generation later, this is better than ever. The action is intense, but so is the spirituality: the joys and woes of the scions of Westria are epic, but also as real and human as anything the rest of us have to deal with. It rounds off the original saga, but also promises the possibility of a fascinating future." -Kage Baker

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  • Diana L. Paxson

  • DIANA PAXSON has spent the last decade and more writing pseudonymously as Marion Zimmer Bradley or "in collaboration with" Marion Zimmer Bradley. She had full author credit on the last one, Ancestors of Avalon, which made the NYT extended list. Paxson is also a founder of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which has spread nationwide since the 1960s. Westria is the setting for her own early fantasy novels, to which she returns now after more than 15 years.





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