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Masters of the Game

Masters of the Game

Inside the World's Most Powerful Law Firm

Kim Eisler

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Veteran legal issues reporter Kim Eisler takes us behind the scenes into mega law firm Williams & Connolly, guiding us on a journey through the many storied cases that have served to shape current policies in public and private sector alike

For the past twenty years, author and journalist Kim Eisler has covered the law firm of Williams & Connolly, first at American Lawyer Magazine, then for Legal Times and since 1993 as National Editor of Washingtonian Magazine. More than any other writer, Kim has unprecedented and unusual contacts and relationships with the partners, as well as a background knowledge and familiarity with the firm's history and personnel over the past two decades.

In Masters of the Game, Eisler sets out to demonstrate how the disciples of Edward Bennett Williams went beyond anyone's expectations and came to occupy key roles in American culture and business. In the last ten years of his life, Williams, the founder of Williams and Connolly, often said he was building not just a law firm but a monument. Masters of the Game is not only about a law firm, but about how the philosophy and practices of this particular law firm have spread out beyond Washington to dominate business, finance, sports and the American psyche itself through its influence with past, present and future political, corporate and media figures.



Many American cities are defined by the names on their tallest buildings: the banks of Charlotte, the insurance companies of Hartford or Jacksonville, the retail world of Chicago with its Willis (formerly...


Praise for Masters of the Game

“Vivid, savvy reportage.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A fascinating account of the ascendancy of Williams and Connolly to the highest reaches of the American law firm universe. Eisler vividly portrays a driven meritocracy, red of claw and fang, mastering the legal jungle with detail-laced portraits of the firm's major players and the rivals they almost invariably obliterated. Not coincidentally, Masters of the Game is also a riveting reference guide to many of the nation's most dramatic public showdowns of the past fifty years.” —Hodding Carter III, former Assistant Secretary of State to President Carter, journalist, and Professor of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“This is a wise, authoritative and highly readable book. Kim Eisler has spent a good many years studying how Washington and Washington law firms work. In Masters of the Game, he shares with us what he has learned and tells the dramatic story of one fabled firm.” —Stanley Cloud, former Washington bureau chief, Time, and co-author of The Murrow Boys and A Question of Honor

“As he did in Shark Tank, Kim Eisler exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly about the world of corporate law through the fascinating lens of one of America's most unique, powerful and controversial firms. A must-read for anyone contemplating a career as a lawyer.” —Nadine Strossen, Former President of American Civil Liberties Union and Professor of Law at the New York Law School

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About the author

Kim Eisler

KIM EISLER is an investigative journalist covering legal and business issues. Since 1993, he has been a lead columnist and editor for Washingtonian Magazine.

Kim Eisler

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