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Fifty Grand

Fifty Grand

A Novel of Suspense

Adrian McKinty

Henry Holt and Co.




This knockout punch of a thriller from a critically acclaimed author follows a young Cuban detective's quest for vengeance against her father's killer in a Colorado mountain town

A man is killed in a hit-and-run on a frozen mountain road in the town of Fairview, Colorado. He is an illegal immigrant in a rich Hollywood resort community not unlike Telluride. No one is prosecuted for his death and his case is quietly forgotten.

Six months later another illegal makes a treacherous run across the border. Barely escaping with her life and sanity intact, she finds work as a maid with one of the employment agencies in Fairview. Secretly, she begins to investigate the shadowy collision that left her father dead.

The maid isn't a maid. And she's not Mexican, either. She's Detective Mercado, a police officer from Havana, and she's looking for answers: Who killed her father? Was it one of the smooth- talking Hollywood types? Was it a minion of the terrifying county sheriff? And why was her father, a celebrated defector to the United States, hiding in Colorado as the town ratcatcher?

Adrian McKinty's live-wire prose crackles with intensity as we follow Mercado through the swells of emotion and violence that lead up to a final shocking confrontation.


Chapter One

Nowhere, Wyoming

The frozen lake and the black vacuum sky and the dead man pleading for the return of his remaining days.

"There must be some kind of mistake."



Praise for Fifty Grand

“Adrian McKinty [is] … a master of modern noir, up there with Dennis Lehane and James Ellroy…. Fifty Grand is a blast: a standalone effort which again showcases McKinty's brutal lyricism as well as his sensitivity to the indignities of the immigrant experience.” —The Guardian (UK)

“An intelligent novel of suspense about cultural identity. . . . In trademark fashion, McKinty winds up his provocative tale with a violent and memorable final act.” —Publishers Weekly

“The talented McKinty does his usual first-rate job of making you like the characters he likes.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Adrian McKinty has been blowing us out of the mystery water for quite some time now, but phew-oh, he has totally taken over the whole field with Fifty Grand. Think Don Winslow's masterly Power of the Dog combined with José Latour and the sheer narrative drive of Joe Lansdale and you'll have some idea of this amazing novel. It has riveting mystery, politics of just about every shade and thrills on almost every page. I've rarely read a novel that had it all--human and drug trafficking, Hollywood excesses, ferocious vengeance--but what I found most compulsive was the wondrous compassion of the book. It moved me in ways I never anticipated. This is going to be the BIG BOOK of 2009.” —Ken Bruen, author of The Guards and Once Were Cops

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About the author

Adrian McKinty

Adrian McKinty is the critically acclaimed author of Dead I Well May Be, the award-winning The Dead Yard, The Bloomsday Dead, and Hidden River. McKinty was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and educated at Oxford University. After ten years in Colorado, he currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Adrian McKinty

Adrian McKinty



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