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Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and Daughters

Searching for New Connections

Ann F. Caron, Ed.D.

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In this positive and illuminating book, Ann Caron explores the spirit, durability, and complexity of the mother-daughter bond during a time of mutual searching. Daughters, hitting their stride after college, are setting new standards for themselves and questioning their goals and expectations. Mothers, themselves going through major life changes, are also looking for new ways to express themselves. Drawing from her many interviews with women from both groups, Caron discusses their joys, ambitions, frustrations, and hopes regarding sex, marriage, spirituality, and careers. What clearly emerges is that despite their different generational influences, their dreams of finding themselves through connections to others, and especially to each other, are the same.


Mothers and Daughters: Searching for New Connections

The Transition to Adulthood: The College Years
A "Transition into Equality"
Preparing for Freshman Year
Letting Go How Much Support?...


Praise for Mothers and Daughters

“A unique insight into the relationship between midlife mothers and their twenties daughters . . . [A] useful and important book.” —Mary Pipher

“Readable and thought-provoking.” —Library Journal

“By exploring women's development from the time a daughter enters college to 'wedding mania' as she approaches her thirties, Caron thoughtfully portrays these daughters' and mothers' perspectives on their respective life experiences. . . . Mothers and Daughters is indeed a book for mothers and daughters.” —Susan McGee Bailey, Ph.D., executive director of the Wellesley Centers for Women

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About the author

Ann F. Caron, Ed.D.

Ann F. Caron, Ed.D., is the author of Mothers and Daughters, Don't Stop Loving Me, and Strong Mothers, Strong Sons. She lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Ann F. Caron