Circle of Lies

Douglas Alan

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Circle of Lies is a hot new thriller from newcomer Douglas Alan, featuring John Delaney, an ex-NYPD detective turned lawyer and his lovely wife Katherine Adams, a tough but sexy Atlanta lawyer who gives as good as she gets.  They’re an unstoppable team with a love of adventure but no love for the bad guys.

Delaney is asked to defend Ted Jordan, a childhood friend who has been arrested for the torture and murder of his law partner.  Jordan adamantly maintains his innocence but the police have traced his fingerprints to the dead man's house and a half-million dollars to his bank account. On his way to interview Jordan at the jail, Delaney is approached by a mysterious woman who identifies herself as Ted's friend. She offers to post his bond and warns Delaney to be careful if anyone from the Tissinger Corporation contacts him in connection with the case.

Ted insists he has been set up by Tissinger because he accidentally stumbled onto data showing they deliberately concealed information about suicides in a test group for their latest depression medication. 

As Delaney and Adams start to dig, they are confronted by an NSA agent who tires to warn them off.   When a second dead body is found in Jordan's condominium and Jordan disappears they are left with more questions than answers.  But Delaney isn’t someone who takes no for an answer and he and Katherine will stop at nothing to find the truth.

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Atlanta, Georgia
November 2008
MY defining moment as an attorney didn’t come in court. It happened outside it in the lobby of the Fulton County Judicial Building. Theodore Jordan could have asked a dozen lawyers to represent him. He didn’t . . . he asked me.
We had grown up together, and as his friend I suppose my first inclination was to believe he was innocent.
What occured at the courthouse changed all that. It brought my religion into sharp focus. Not the kind you practice in church, or in a synagogue, or even in a mosque. The faces in the crowd are what did it


Praise for Circle of Lies

"One of the best thrillers I've read this year, it will keep you riveted from the start of the book till the end.  Great dialogue, smooth writing, and an inventive plot."--Andrew Gulli, Editor, The Strand Magazine

"A marvelous action packed thriller with an intelligent plot and great characters."--Sondra Locke, Actress, Writer, Director

"Smooth suspense story that moves along like a Hitchcock movie."--Joe Konrath, bestselling author or Bloody Mary, Whiskey Sour, & Rusty Nail

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  • Douglas Alan

  • DOUGLAS ALAN was a practicing trial attorney for over twenty years before turning to writing.  He also has a degree in psychology that comes in handy when developing his characters.  He lives in Atlanta, Georgia. 


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