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Hard Trail To Follow

Hard Trail To Follow

A Story of the Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers (Volume 7)

Elmer Kelton

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In this, the seventh novel in Kelton's acclaimed Texas Ranger series, former Texas Ranger Andy Pickard ("Badger Boy" as he was known as a youth living among Comanches), leaves his fiancée's farm in north central Texas. He begins to track the man, Luther Cordell, who he believes killed his friend, Sheriff Tom Blessing. Pickard is mistaken. But although Cordell did not kill Blessing, the robber-ringleader must be brought to Ranger justice and the rest sorted out later.

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Chapter 1

Andy Pickard knew that sooner or later he might have to whip his future brother-in-law.

He had sensed Farley Brackett's dark presence before he saw him, sitting on a roan horse where the rows ended almost at the bank of the...


Praise for Hard Trail To Follow

“One of the most intriguing elements of Kelton's novel is the late 19th century Texas frontier backdrop. Kelton smoothly integrates into his narrative, lessons in Texas history and pictures of life in early Texas. Kelton's masterful use of words, his creative talent for weaving together an intriguing plot full of suspense, romance, and humor, and his use of descriptive detail that affords the reader an opportunity to actually live a piece of Texas history all combine to make each of his novels a unique experience. Jericho's Road is no exception.” —Texas Books in Review on Jericho's Road

“Storytelling as ripe as a bank ripe for robbing. Its quietly knifelike sentences will skin you alive.” —Kirkus Reviews on Texas Vendetta

“[Kelton] continues to show his contemporaries how to tell a simple story with clear and concise writing that holds the reader to every page.” —San Angelo Standard-Times on Ranger's Trail.

“In Ranger's Trail, Elmer Kelton does once again what he does better than anyone: tell a turbulent story calmly. The failings that animate the characters of this book, and the tragedies that befall them, are rendered in such precise and unexcitable prose that it is no wonder that after 40 novels Kelton's reputation continues to expand. He has earned his prestige word by honest word.” —Stephen Harrigan, author of The Gates of the Alamo

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About the author

Elmer Kelton

Elmer Kelton of San Angelo, Texas is a native Texan and author of 50 Western novels. He has won many awards for his work and has been recognized as the Greatest Western Writer of all time by the Western Writers of America, Inc.

Elmer Kelton

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