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Dirty Girls on Top

Dirty Girls on Top

A Novel

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

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The Dirty Girls are back, saucier and sexier than ever….but would it be wrong to ask them to be a little smarter, too?? Especially when it comes to men. And sex.

Lauren Fernandez is at the top of her game as the cleverest columnist the Boston Gazette has on board—but she can't quite figure out how to pick a guy or how to eat (and not drink) like a healthy person. Usnavys is still sashaying all over town, 260 pounds of her dolled up in designer duds and ready for action—from anyone except her husband Juan, that is. He's become just a bit boring staying home scrubbing the tub and cooking up chicken fingers for pre-schooler Carolina while somebody else brings home the bacon.

Maybe the other Dirty Girls could help Lauren and ‘navy out, but they've got their own messes to deal with: Rebecca Baca hasn't gained a pound since college (well, who would, if they had an ounce of self-control?) but suspects her picture-perfect marriage may not yield the baby she longs for; Sara may be the star of her own decorating show on cable television, but her dangerous pull toward her ex-husband Roberto isn't so pretty; Amber keeps renaming herself and doesn't want to hear that her soulfulness and reinvention aren't enough to make fans actually buy her music; and Elizabeth is discovering that a relationship with another woman takes more than bravery and a nesting instinct.

Dirty Girls on Top is about trying to figure it all out without quite as much time left as there was five years ago. And it's about sex and love—getting it, not getting it, yearning for it, having it with the wrong person, fighting it from the right person, trying it a new way, giving up on it. And, in the end, if your fingers are crossed and the planets are in alignment, having it come out just the way it should.


Chapter One


so, you know I'm not a hoochie, okay? But an unhappy marriage can make a woman do questionable things. Things she's not proud of, things she only tells her closest friends—and even then with the...


Praise for Dirty Girls on Top

“The perfect chaser to the Sex and the City movie.” —People

“Valdes-Rodriguez's follow-up to her 2003 debut, The Dirty Girls Social Club, has Sex and the City written all over it--in sassy Spanglish. The six sucias return with hilarious and raunchy tales of Latina-tinged love, marriage and sex told from each character's point of view. A-” —Entertainment Weekly

“Fast-paced, sexy tale.” —The Los Angeles Times

Caliente is the best word to describe this steamy sequel to The Dirty Girls Social Club...madcap, full-of-heart adventure.” —Redbook

“If the Sex and the City flick leaves you longing for more girl-bonding, then Dirty Girls on Top is the olive in the martini...this summer's juiciest beach read.” —Latina

The Dirty Girls Social Club always demanded a sequel and here it is.” —The New York Daily News

“Valdes-Rodriguez...has once again written an extraordinary and impressive book. Told in six unique voices, from six unique points of view, her follow-up has a universality about it that makes it, like her first book about the sucias, an important addition to the fields of friendship novels and Latina literature and an excellent choice for fiction collections of al sizes.” —Library Journal

“The sequel to The Dirty Girls Social Club, about a posse of Latina friends still trying five years later to figure out their careers and love lives — Carrie and friends, but with cafe con leche.” —St. Petersburg Times

“Passionate and provocative…the prose is fast and casual, and the plot moves at a fast clip.” —Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

ALISA VALDES-RODRIGUEZ is an award-winning print and broadcast journalist and a former staff writer for both the Los Angeles Times and The Boston Globe. She was named one of today's twenty-five most influential Hispanics by Time magazine. Dirty Girls on Top is her fourth novel. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband and son.

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

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