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Probable Cause

Probable Cause

Theresa Schwegel

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Officer Ray Weiss is a cop's son, a cop's grandson. All he's ever wanted is to follow in their footsteps. But when he finds out what the senior officers in Chicago's District 20 have in store for him and the other rookies as "initiation" into their brotherhood, he has to make a choice.

Ray's senior partner, Jack Fiore, asks him to break into a jewelry store and steal a few pieces. It's just a little fun---especially because they're set up to be the first cops on-scene to "discover" the crime. No one gets hurt, and everybody's happy: Fiore gets the jewelry, Ray gets to be one of the boys, and the store owner gets his insurance money. Ray doesn't want to do it, but Fiore leaves him no alternative. . . .

It all goes wrong when Ray breaks into the store and finds a corpse instead of his promised reward. Coincidence, or was that part of the setup, payback for being a reluctant rookie? And it doesn't end there, because Detective Sloane Pearson is on the case, and if Ray doesn't help her look for the killer, she might discover him.

Probable Cause is another gripping read from Theresa Schwegel, the Edgar Award--winning author of Officer Down, whose portrayal of cop culture is as authentic as it comes.


Chapter One

The store's alarm doesn't startle anyone. Two blocks away, in a rehabbed three-flat on Washtenaw Avenue, an underwhelmed DePaul professor hears it. He momentarily loses his place in a Tribune article, skims through something about...


Praise for Probable Cause

“Readers at last can enjoy a tough-gal yarn with heaps of moral ambiguity and good guys gone bad.” —San Francisco Chronicle on Officer Down

“An excellent choice for contemporary noir fans.” —Baltimore Sun on Officer Down

“A powerful and compelling first effort that promises good things to come from Schwegel.” —Chicago Sun-Times on Officer Down

“Schwegel, who writes about police work with authority, has also created a tough and original character.” —Chicago Tribune on Officer Down

“A terrific debut mystery with a hard-edged take on the police novel.” —Rocky Mountain News on Officer Down

“Instantly engrossing . . . Smack's voice is rough and real, conveying both her tough cookie persona and the authentic emotions behind her street face. . . . An impressive, gripping first novel.” —Publishers Weekly on Officer Down

“Theresa Schwegel makes an impressive debut with this dark and gritty thriller.” —San Diego Union-Tribune on Officer Down

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About the author

Theresa Schwegel

Theresa Schwegel was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and attended Loyola University there. She received an MFA in screenwriting at Chapman University in California and now lives in Los Angeles. Her first novel, Officer Down, won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel and was shortlisted for the Anthony Award for Best First Novel.

Theresa Schwegel

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