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The Year It Snowed in April

The Year It Snowed in April

A Novel

Eva Bottiér

St. Martin's Griffin




Avery Benjamin Clarke is a shy and demure boy, raised in the upper middle class home of his maternal grandparents from the day he was born. He's a straight "A" student and a model child who has never given his family an ounce of trouble. Then one Easter Sunday, his wayward mother, Carla, returns to his grandparents' brownstone. When an unexpected tragedy strikes, Avery is forced to live with Carla permanently. Soon after, his life begins a swift downward spiral as she introduces him to a world of dysfunction and darkness.

As Avery grows into a young man, he is determined to hide the secrets he's accumulated from the world. He struggles to suppress his psychosis and obtain some sense of normalcy in his life. But when the tables are turned yet again, Avery is given crosses no young person should ever have to bear. Will he ultimately delve within himself for the strength and sanity that was stolen from him or will he awaken the monster that has been lurking beneath the surface created by years of suffering and abuse?


Harlem, 1983
Avery squirmed in his seat. As much as he wanted to remain still, he could not ignore the fact that his suit pants were giving him an incredible wedgy. On top of that, his grandmother must have tied his tie too tightly, because...


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Eva Bottiér

Eva Bottíer is the pen name for Michelle Valentine, the author of A GIRL'S GOTTA EAT and the co-author of Essence bestselling INSATIABLE with Heather Hunter. A cum laude graduate of Marymount College, she has been in the entertainment industry for many years and lives with her family in New York.

Eva Bottiér

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Eva Bottiér

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