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I Sailed with Magellan

I Sailed with Magellan


Stuart Dybek

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Major new fiction from an acclaimed master

From the prizewinning writer Stuart Dybek comes a superb new work: a novel-in-stories, eleven masterful tales told by a single voice with remarkable narrative power. In I Sailed With Magellan, Dybek finds characters of irrepressible vitality amidst the stark urban landscapes of Chicago's south side; there, the daily experiences of the neighborhood are transformed in the lush imaginative adventures of his hero, the restless Perry Katzek.

There is remarkable music in each of Dybek's intertwined episodes, the rhythm of street life captured in all its emotional depth and unexpected humor: a man takes his young nephew to a string of taverns where the boy sings for his uncle's bourbon; a small-time thug is distracted from making a hit by the mysterious reappearance of several ex-girlfriends; two unemployed youths hatch a scheme to finance their road trip to Mexico by selling orchids stolen from the rich side of town; a young couple's amorous beach adventure is interrupted when an unexpected visitor washes ashore. As these poignant, often funny chapters unfold, Perry grapples toward the exotic possibilities the world offers him, glimpsing them even beneath the at times brutal surface of the inner-city.

Throughout I Sailed With Magellan, fans of Dybek will find the captivating storytelling, the sharp, spare prose, the brilliant dramatization of resilient, inventive humanity that they have come to expect from him.

Society of Midland Authors Book Awards - Winner, ALA Notable Books - Winner


I Sailed with Magellan

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Praise for I Sailed with Magellan

“It's hard to tell where Nelson Algren leaves off and Stuart Dybek begins--they're a couple of naturals. They each capture the lyricism of Chicago's backstreets: the city behind the billboards. They celebrate our alleys as well as our boulevards. Stuart Dybek is, at this moment, our city's blue-collar bard. These eleven lovely stories comprise the Chicago novel of today.” —Studs Terkel

“Stuart Dybek is one of America's literary masters, and I Sailed with Magellan is a forceful new demonstration of his extraordinary skills. This book of linked stories is full of nuance and feeling and the voice of working people from a time when our world and horizons were just a little narrower and our connection to those near at hand somehow even more consequential. It is the kind of penetrating, moving book Stuart Dybek consistently writes.” —Scott Turow

“It's a superb cycle of stories -- brilliant individually and as a single whole story of the lives of those brothers and their larger family. 'Live from Dreamsville' is a Dickensian portrayal of the nightmare world inhabited by children and unsuspected by their elders. Stuart Dybek risks real emotion and achieves language of great beauty. May the book receive its due.” —Frederick Busch, author of The Night Inspector

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Stuart Dybek

Stuart Dybek is the author of two collections of short fiction, The Coast of Chicago and Childhood and Other Neighborhoods, as well as a volume of poetry, Brass Knuckles. A professor of English at Western Michigan University, he lives in Kalamazoo.

Stuart Dybek

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Stuart Dybek

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