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The Carbon Murder

The Carbon Murder

A Periodic Table Mystery

Periodic Table Mysteries (Volume 6)

Camille Minichino

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Gloria Lamerino's goddaughter, Mary Catherine Galigani ("MC" to her friends), needs a change in her life. She decides to move back to her hometown of Revere, Massachusetts, thereby ridding herself of both an abusive relationship and an unfulfilling job in Houston, Texas. At least that's the plan.

When two homicides disrupt MC's peaceful return to Revere, Gloria applies her not inconsiderable detecting skills to help the police solve the crimes. At the same time, Gloria must face the medical problems of her partner, Detective Matt Gennaro, and the next steps in their relationship. In this sixth periodic table mystery, Gloria delves behind the scenes into the worlds of nanotechnology and show horses, and unwittingly uncovers a crime ring larger than the distance between Texas and Massachusetts.


Carbon Murder, The

Isn't this perfect?" my best friend, Rose Galigani, said. Her newly applied auburn highlights caught the light from the faux Tiffany lamp as she swung her head from me to her daughter,...


Praise for The Carbon Murder

“An impressive series.” —Publishers Weekly

“Camille Minichino is smart and funny--an absolute delight!” —Tamar Myers, author of Gruel and Unusual Punishment

“Camille Minichino manages to take a retired physicist sleuth and the periodic table and through some strange chemical process turn them into a fast-paced, fun, and even sexy mystery!” —Rhys Bowen, author of Evan's Gate

“Enough clues to give the intelligent reader some guesses at the solution, a dash of romance, and (what a relief) a heroine who doesn't jog.” —Charlene Weir, author of Murder Takes Two

“Minichino's touch is perfect--light, deft, and full of detail. And her heroine, the snooping, good-hearted, savvy Gloria Lamerino, is a wonderfully unique and loveable creation. Open this book and you will be caught. Finish it, and you will be left awaiting anxiously for the next installment of the Periodic Table Mystery series.” —Roland Merullo, author of Revere Beach Boulevard

“A solid, grown-up series, well plotted and well peopled, with dialogue that keeps you smiling.” —Shelley Singer, author of Royal Flush

“Gloria Lamerino is my kind of heroine: independent, resourceful, intelligent, good-natures--and, best of all, real.” —Penny Warner, author of Blind Side

“Physicist Gloria Lamerino is both an intelligent and appealing heroine who's impossible not to like.” —Susan Holtzer, author of The Wedding Game

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About the author

Camille Minichino

Camille Minichino has been regional president and board member of the Mystery Writers of America, the California Writers Club, and Sisters in Crime. Her Periodic Table Mysteries (The Hydrogen Murder, The Helium Murder, The Lithium Murder, The Beryllium Murder, and The Boric Acid Murder) feature Gloria Lamerino, a retired physicist who lives above her friends' funeral parlor and consults with the police on science-related cases. Like the amateur sleuth in her books, Camille has a Ph.D. in physics and a long career in research and teaching. Camille currently teaches physics at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She also teaches fiction writing and works as a scientific editor in the Engineering Department of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Camille lives with her husband and satellite dishes in Castro Valley, California. This is her sixth novel.

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