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Shotgun Alley

Shotgun Alley

Andrew Klavan

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Honey---a vivacious, wealthy, seventeen-year-old daughter of a politician---has a penchant for drug dealers, mad-dog bikers, booze, sex, crank, and guns. She's run off with Cobra, the leader of a band of motorcycle-gang outcasts who have dubbed themselves the Outriders since they are too hotheaded and reckless for other rival gangs. But her father, who is running for the U.S. Senate, wants her back before she takes his career down in flames along with her hell-bent soul.

Enter Scott Weiss and Jim Bishop, Andrew Klavan's star private eyes from Dynamite Road. Weiss is a former cop who is an accomplished detective with a lot of connections. Bishop is a savvy, strong-willed tough guy and ladies' man who does the legwork for Weiss's agency.
Bishop's assignment: infiltrate the Outriders and seduce and steal Honey away from Cobra. But has Bishop finally met his match? Cobra is brilliant as well as bad---an oddly intellectual biker who is one step ahead of everyone on his trail. And Honey is not only rich and beautiful, she is hotter than the hinges of hell, irresistibly alluring, a black widow who draws the hardest, toughest, sharpest hustlers into her lethal web---where she consumes them whole.

Bishop, falling for a woman like never before, is drawn into Honey's web, and even with the diabolically clever Weiss in his corner---working with the cops, scheming with the politicians, pulling the strings, and calling the shots---Bishop may be going down.

Has Bishop finally met his match? Is Honey too hot to handle?

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Two weeks later, a stranger walked into Shotgun Alley. It was a roadhouse on a shabby stretch of two-lane at the base of the Oakland Hills. The bikers liked to roll in after riding the canyons and Grizzly Peak. You...


Praise for Shotgun Alley

“Andrew Klavan is doing something that is rarely done . . . a unique angle on the private-eye novel. I liked Dynamite Road. I liked Shotgun Alley even better.” —Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author of The Narrows

Shotgun Alley is smart, tough, and fun. The writing is robust and spot-on, and the story is a collision of powerful characters you just can't take your eyes off. Splendid entertainment.” —T. Jefferson Parker, Edgar Award--winning and bestselling author of Silent Joe

“Klavan takes hold of the darkest side of dark, mounts it on a Harley, then revs it up and sends it straight to hell.” —Allan Folsom, the New York Times bestselling author of The Exile and The Day After Tomorrow on Shotgun Alley

“A fast-paced, entertaining thrill-ride of a book. Klavan does tough-guy heroes and sexual tension better than anyone writing today.” —Janet Evanovich on Dynamite Road

“Klavan winds his tale tighter and tighter until the reader is hopelessly spellbound. Superb suspense by a master storyteller.” —Clive Cussler on Dynamite Road

“Klavan's riveting blend of mystery, wiseass attitude, and old-fashioned moralizing makes for a wild ride.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Dynamite Road

“Klavan wanders into Jim Thompson territory in this tough-talking sexy thriller. It's flashy, exciting, and altogether original.” —Booklist on Dynamite Road

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About the author

Andrew Klavan

Born in New York City, Andrew Klavan was a radio and newspaper journalist before turning to fiction full-time. Twice given the Edgar Award for mystery writing, he is the author of the bestselling novels True Crime, recently filmed starring Clint Eastwood and Don't Say A Word, the basis of a new film starring Michael Douglas. After living in London for many years, he has now settled in Santa Barbara, California with his wife Ellen, and his daughter Faith and his son Spencer.

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