The Killer's Wife

A Novel

Bill Floyd

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Six years after her courageous testimony helped put her husband on death row for a string of gruesome murders, Leigh Wren has almost succeeded in putting her past to rest.  She has moved from the West Coast to North Carolina with her young son, adopting a new name and a new life.  But the world that she has created for herself is shattered when the father of one of her ex-husband’s victims begins stalking her, then confronts her late one night.  In the days that follow, he exposes Leigh, in newspapers and on television, to a startled North Carolina community.  And just as her marriage to Randall Mosley, a man who became known to the world as a deviant serial killer, is brought back to light, a more deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.

      A new killer has emerged, one whose methods are frighteningly similar to those used by Mosley, who is awaiting execution thousands of miles away.  Leigh and her son appear to be in the assailant’s scope, and it becomes clear that he is more than a copycat killer—his targets are all tied to Leigh’s former life.  With the clock ticking down and the victims of a new killer mounting, Leigh is forced to probe the darkest corridors of her past to protect her life and her son’s.  She must also confront her own feelings of responsibility: Leigh has always professed her ignorance, but how complicit was she in her husband’s horrific murder spree, as it was taking place?

      From a major new voice in suspense, The Killer’s Wife is a story driven by psychological insight and harrowing revelations, asking how well you can ever really know the person sleeping beside you.


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Chapter 1
Don’t I know you?” 
 I glanced up from the frozen foods case where I’d been considering the overabundance of packaged meals, narrowing down the choices according to Hayden’s likes and dislikes, to find an older gentleman staring at me with his eyebrows raised. A healthy-looking type of guy, robust. Full head of salt-and-pepper hair, probably in his mid-sixties, wearing a casual pullover and blue jeans.
Distant alarm bells.
It was late, nearing midnight on a Friday; my favorite time to do the weekly shopping, because usually I could avoid



  • The Killer's Wife by Bill Floyd--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Bill Floyd's novel The Killer's Wife. Can you ever really know someone? Six years after her ex-husband is sentenced to death for a series of gruesome murders, Leigh Wren has almost succeeded in putting her past to rest. But her assumed identity quickly unravels when the father of one of her ex-husband's victims begins stalking her and publicly exposes her past.



Praise for The Killer's Wife

“Fighting to forget that she slept in innocence beside a brutal serial killer, Leigh Wren is horrified when her ex-husband reaches out from death row to trap her and her treasured young son.  You don’t want to read The Killer’s Wife by Bill Floyd.  But this compelling debut novel gives you no choice.”

—Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean and Still Summer


“Fresh plotting, high suspense, and great pacing combine to make The Killer’s Wife a book you can’t put down.”

—Iris Johansen, bestselling author of Stalemate 


“Bill Floyd delivers a nuanced, sympathetic protagonist in the form of a killer’s unsuspecting spouse. Six years after her husband’s arrest, people still wonder: How much did she know? When did she know it? And most importantly, how could she have missed it? Vividly imagined and sharply drawn, Floyd’s debut presents a fresh take on an archetypal story. A welcome voice in a crowded genre.”

—John Hart, bestselling author of The King of Lies and Down River


“Riveting and original, The Killer’s Wife will force you to question how well you really know your friends and family. This stunning debut will keep you turning pages until the shocking conclusion.”

—Allison Brennan, New York Times bestselling author of Fear No Evil


“Not since Dennis Lehane’s A Drink Before the War have I read a debut novel with such mesmerizing power. . . . It’s a story that seizes you from the first page and draws you into the ordinary worlds of richly drawn characters, both sympathetic ones and extraordinarily creepy ones. . . . Grab this one and hang on for one hell of a scary ride.”

—James W. Hall, author of Magic City


The Killer’s Wife hooked me from chapter one and kept me in suspense until the very end.  A compelling, skillfully executed read.”
—Mary Jane Clark, New York Times bestselling author of Lights Out Tonight


“An irresistible look into the life and mind of a serial killer.  Bill Floyd shows us a man with all the hallmarks of a real-life killer who also feels so familiar he could be your husband, father, or brother.  An utterly haunting, unforgettable read.” 

—Stephen G. Michaud, author of the bestselling book about Ted Bundy, The Only Living Witness (with Hugh Aynesworth), and Beyond Cruel


“Bill Floyd enters the mind of madness with a pen guided by angels.”

—Keith Ablow, M.D., author of Living the Truth

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  • Bill Floyd

  • Bill Floyd lives in Morrisville, North Carolina, with his wife, Amy.  He is a graduate of Appalachian State University. This is his debut novel.

  • Bill Floyd Photo: Nina Subin


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The Killer's Wife

A Novel

Bill Floyd

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