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Killer Pizza: The Slice

Killer Pizza: The Slice

Greg Taylor

Feiwel & Friends




Four months after they discover that their new place of employment, Killer Pizza, was a front for an underground Monster Hunting Organization, Toby and his fellow rookie Monster Combat Officers, Annabel and Strobe, have been invited to New York City to tour KP Headquarters. But the exclusive tour is cut short when a monster emergency sends the trio off on a secret mission delivering Calanthe, a beautiful 14-year-old, defecting monster with serpent-like abilities, into the Monster Protection Program. It seems like an easy assignment until the teens realize Calanthe is the sacrificial offering in a ceremony set to happen in a few days and her people will stop at nothing to get her back!

Greg Taylor delivers a tale of horror and humor that even reluctant readers will love.



"I give up. This is totally insane."
Jostled by waves of people walking briskly in dozens of directions, Toby Magill looked hopelessly lost. His friend Strobe, a tall teen wearing a black watch cap, regarded the teeming crowd...


Praise for Killer Pizza: The Slice

“I love the idea of a pizza joint being a front for fighting monsters! I love the names of the pizzas, and I love the banter between the three friends and the co-workers. THE SLICE includes lots of action, danger, and suspense. It's a winner!” —

“Readers new to the series can jump right in to this follow-up, which opens with a battle scene and leans heavily on action.” —School Library Journal

“A monster is roaming the nights in Hidden Hills, Ohio. But why worry about monsters when you can sink your teeth into a Killer Pizza? Greg Taylor serves up a hot slice of horror that I couldn't put down!” —R. L. Stine on Killer Pizza

“Taylor keeps the action coming at a brisk pace…a fun diversion.” —Publishers Weekly on Killer Pizza

“A delectable choice for horror fans as well as reluctant readers.” —School Library Journal on Killer Pizza

“This much-needed book definitely fills a gap in horror stories for young readers left by the end of the Goosebumps series.” —VOYA on Killer Pizza

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About the author

Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor is the author of the young adult novels The Girl Who Became a Beatle and Killer Pizza. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he graduated from Penn State University and started out his career as a professional drummer, before moving to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter. His screenwriting credits include Jumanji, Harriet the Spy, Prancer, and The Christmas Box.

Greg Taylor

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