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Sorry Now?

Sorry Now?

A Paul Turner Mystery

Paul Turner Mysteries

Mark Richard Zubro

St. Martin's Griffin




While in Chicago, right-wing televangelist Bruce Mucklewrath is attacked and his daughter killed. Sensing a potential time bomb, and with Mucklewrath creating great pressure, the police brass assign the case to Detective Paul Turner whom they trust with sensitive matters. During their investigation, Turner and his partner discover that other right-wing bigots have been suffering odd attacks, and they begin to suspect a conspiracy of vengeance, perhaps even from the gay community. This is an uncomfortable thought for Turner, who is himself gay, but when Turner is attacked and his two sons threatened, he has to enlist the help of people in his close-knit neighborhood, as well as his contacts in the gay world, to find the solution in time.

Publishers Weekly calls Mark Richard Zubro's Sorry Now? "compelling and even urgent."


Sorry Now?

Paul Turner padded downstairs to his son Jeff's bedroom. Sunlight and birdcalls streamed in through the open window. The gauze curtains brushed against his hips as he stepped over his son's crutches. He paused,...


Praise for Sorry Now?

“Hostilities between the gay and straight communities as well as the former group's internal differences are the predominant themes in this fast-moving Chicago-based police procedural. Zubro's blend of personal and political concerns makes this story compelling and even urgent.” —Publishers Weekly [On Sorry Now?]

“Zubro deserves priase across the board. His characters are believable, the plotting is intricate and taut, the Chicagoland locations and personalities are very convincing. We look forward to future works by Mr. Zubro.” —Gay Chicago Magazine

“Zubro is certainly one of the best, perhaps comparabe only to Joseph Hansen in his appeal.” —The Purloined Letter

“Chicago itself comes alive...Zubro takes the mystery genre farther than you might expect.” —Lambda Rising Book Report

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About the author

Mark Richard Zubro

Mark Richard Zubro, winner of the Lambda Literary Award, is the author of numerous mystery novels in his two series. An English teacher and union president, he lives in Mokena, Illinois.

Mark Richard Zubro

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