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The Affair

The Affair

A Novel

Alicia Clifford

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"All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." —Leo Tolstoy

As a writer, Celia Bayley's insights into the ways of the human heart made her famous. And why not? She had married a handsome war hero and produced three successful children. Yet, as her family gathers for her funeral, the diaries and notebooks and letters she left behind paint a very different picture, one that shocks those who loved her and will force them to confront the difficult conflicts in their own lives.

A life torn by secrets is revealed. The husband she adored had deceived her early in their marriage and broken her heart, though they persevered as a family. Then, years later while on a trip with friends, she meets a man for whom she feels a passion she never believed possible. In one brief moment, her whole life is turned inside out.
Utterly compelling and beautifully written, The Affair makes vividly real the agonizing choice one woman must make. Powerful and moving, the novel is about marriage, families, and the definition of happiness.



If perfect understanding can exist between two people, each bound by different pasts and set in distant shelves, might not all magic be possible?
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Praise for The Affair

“Clifford’s voice sings from the page, like a haunting melody from another time.” —Beth Harbison

“Full of subtleties and shadows and shot through with the kind of longing that lasts a lifetime . . . The Affair manages to be both a quick thrill and a slow burn. A love story for grownups.” —Daisy Goodwin

About the author

Alicia Clifford

Alicia Clifford is a novelist, journalist, and screenwriter whose books have been shortlisted for numerous awards. She lives in South London.

Alicia Clifford

Alicia Clifford

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