Dead Spy Running

A Daniel Marchant Thriller (Volume 1)

Jon Stock

Thomas Dunne Books

Daniel Marchant, a suspended MI6 officer, is running the London Marathon. He is also running out of time. A competitor is strapped with explosives, and if he drops his pace, everyone around him will be killed, including the U.S. ambassador to London.

            Marchant tries to thwart the attack, but is he secretly working for the terrorists? There are those who already suspect him of treachery. Just like they suspected his late father, the former head of MI6, who was removed from his job and accused of treason.

            On the run from the CIA, Marchant is determined to prove his father’s innocence. His quest to do so takes him from the streets of London to India, where the U.S. president is due for his first visit. Marchant soon finds that to clear his family’s name he will have to expose a plot that could throw world politics into chaos.

            In Dead Spy Running, Jon Stock delivers a breakneck thriller that updates the spy novel for the twenty-first century.


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Dead Spy Running Chapter 1

A bright Blackheath morning and it was already hot, too hot for twenty-six miles. Daniel Marchant scanned the crowd and wondered again why he was about to run a marathon. Thousands of people were stretching in the early sunshine, massaging limbs, sipping at water. It was like the stillness before battle. A woman in a baseball cap strapped an iPod to her arm; the man beside him tied and retied his laces. Another runner poured water over his hair and shook it like a dog, droplets catching the light. Whatever it takes, Marchant thought. In his case, too much Scotch



Praise for Dead Spy Running

“As elegant as Le Carré and as cynical as the Twenty-First Century.”

--Lee Child, author of 61 Hours

"As strong as Bourne, as clever as Bond, but with a voice set for Generation Next, Jon Stock has done the impossible in Daniel Marchant and created THE new spy, a living, breathing human, whose own unpredictability suits perfectly our unpredictable world.'"

--Stephen Gaghan, Oscar-winning writer of Traffic

"Smart, classy, and relentlessly gripping, Dead Spy Running grabs the reader and doesn't let go. I couldn't quit turning the pages -- like Daniel Marchant running the London marathon, I couldn't stop."

--Meg Gardiner, author of China Lake

"Dead Spy Running is a rip-roaring race of a read that never lets up until the finishing tape -- and a bit beyond."

--Robert Goddard, author of Into the Blue

"An elegant, unstoppable front runner of a spy thriller."

--The Observer (UK)

"The sophistication of John Le Carré or David Ignatius...this is a Jason Bourne sweat-fest with George Smiley's brain."

--Daily Telegraph (UK)

"Protagonist Daniel Marchant is the perfect post-Bond spy.... Move over, Jason Bourne."--Bookpage

"Stock, a veteran British journalist with Indian experience, combines LeCarré-style cerebral gamesmanship and bureaucratic maneuvering with the best of thriller action in this character-driven spy novel. Stock's prose is swift and sure, his characters well drawn and the action twisty and relentless. Stock has brought the literary spy novel into the 21st century."--Portsmouth Herald

"Stock, a veteran British journalist with Indian experience, combines LeCarre-style cerebral gamesmanship and bureacratic maneuvering with the best of thriller action in this character-driven spy novel. . . . Stock has brought the literary spy novel into the 21st century."--Sea Coast Online

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  • Jon Stock

  • JON STOCK has worked as a freelance journalist in London, writing features for most of Britain’s national newspapers, as well as contributing to BBC Radio 4. Between 1998 and 2000, he was Delhi correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. On his return to Britain, he worked on various Saturday sections of the paper before taking up a staff job as editor of Weekend in 2005. He has been writing the Last Word column for The Week in India ever since he lived in Cochin, Kerala, in 1995. He is married, with three children, and lives in Wiltshire, United Kingdom.  

  • Jon Stock Stock, Jon


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