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The Plunder Room

The Plunder Room

A Novel

John Jeter

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Moments before Edward Duncan dies, the colorful World War II hero leaves a mandate for his grandson Randol--to safeguard the family's proud Southern legacy. Randol, paralyzed and in a wheelchair after a car accident, buries his grandfather, and learns that his father, a Vietnam veteran, is running an illicit empire with Randol's half-brother, Jerod.

A wise-cracking music critic, Randol already has his hands full with his pot-smoking Goth son. When Jerod brings the gorgeous Annie down South and parks her in their South Carolina home, the family maid Volusia, "quick to ram a bar of soap into any foul mouth," sizes up Annie in short order. Jerod, his father, and Randol, are blind to what Volusia sees so easily, making it that much harder for Randol to bring the family together and salvage their dignity.

John Jeter's debut is a powerfully compelling story about one man's mission to preserve his family's ideals of honor and loyalty.


Praise for The Plunder Room

The Plunder Room's characters are vivid and believable, while the sense of setting and place are beautifully rendered and true to the modern-day South. Any Deep South venue is refreshing, particularly when tour-guided by an author with John Jeter's skills. But it is the author's sardonic wit, expressed through Randol's conversations, that sparks and livens the book into a good read.” —San Antonio Express-News

Plunder's riveting conclusion asks as many questions as it answers, drawing no easy conclusions. This is a character-driven literary work, a return to an age of storytelling in the vein of fellow Southerner Walker Percy….And, even as Plunder fathoms the weighty matters of family ties, birthright and honor, its light moments are as frequent as they are poignant.” —Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

“John Jeter reels us in with his needle-sharp wit and his jump-off-the page characters. The Plunder Room is one of the most satisfying Southern yarns I've read in years.” —Karin Gillespie, author of Dollar Daze

“John Jeter combines family, fighting, history and honor in a story of four generations of a Southern family, told with both humor and deep-South detail. You'll enjoy the visit.” —Cathy Pickens, author of Hush My Mouth

“The southern gothic, multi-generation dysfunctional family novel marches onward in John Jeter's debut novel, The Plunder Room. When the novel's not marching, it's rolling.” —George Singleton, author of Work Shirts for Madmen

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About the author

John Jeter

John Jeter is co-owner and founder of The Handlebar, an award-winning concert venue in Greenville, South Carolina. He lives in Greenville with his wife. The Plunder Room is his first novel.

John Jeter

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