"Nameless" Detective Novels (Volume 39)

Bill Pronzini

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Bill, the "Nameless Detective," and his wife Kerry were in the Sierra foothills, just outside of Six Pines, falling in love with a cabin. It was all perfect, until Kerry went missing.

They’d seen Balfour at breakfast at the diner and Kerry remembered his name…PR people are like that. Which was unfortunate, because when she ran into him along the trail on that sunny afternoon and called him by name, he panicked. And that’s when Bill’s nightmare began.

In a small town with limited resources, where a major case was keeping everyone busy, a private investigator demanding action wasn’t very popular.  They were doing all they could, Bill was told. But it wasn’t enough.

With the help of his longtime associate Jake Runyon, Bill begins a search that uncovers just what price the citizens in a town without pity might have to pay. Bill and Jake follow the few leads they have, and come face to face with the Hellbox.

The Nameless Detective series is the longest-running series of its kind, and Bill Pronzini only gets better with each new Nameless title.

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Kerry was sitting at the table on the long front porch, drinking coffee and taking in the view, when I came out in my robe and slippers. It was only a little after nine Sunday morning, another cloudless, end-of-June day; the temperature was already in the seventies, though it would probably get up near ninety by midafternoon. Usually I don’t deal well with heat, but somehow hot days in the mountains don’t seem quite as bothersome.
“’Morning,” she said as I sat down. “I wondered how long you were going to stay in bed. Sleep well?&#


Praise for Hellbox

Praise for Camouflage

“Can doing first-rate work as consistently as Pronzini really be as effortless as he makes it seem?”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“The Nameless series continues to be a wonder of great plotting, long-term character development, and insight into the chilling banality of evil.”  —Booklist, starred review

Praise for Schemers

“Pronzini is a pro at PI Fiction: he never cheats on the reader, respecting the conventions of the hard-boiled detective stories and puzzle mysteries he employs so well.”  —Library Journal

“Pronzini’s crisp and wry style gives the latest installement of the Nameless series page-turning flair.”
RT Book Reviews

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  • Bill Pronzini

  • BILL PRONZINI has been nominated for, or won, every prize offered to crime fiction writers, including the 2008 Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America. It is no wonder, then, that Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine said of him:  "Complexity of characterization, puzzle, and theme support the case for Pronzini as the finest American detective novelist in current practice."  He lives and writes in California, with his wife, the crime novelist Marcia Muller.

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