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Riding Out the Storm

Riding Out the Storm

A Novel

Sis Deans

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)




Zach is riding the Greyhound bus through a snowstorm to visit his older brother Derek, whom he hasn't seen in seven months. That's when their parents finally went broke paying Derek's doctor's bills and had to give him up as a ward of the state. Nothing—not drawing in his sketchbook, not basketball—lets Zach forget that his brother is living in a mental institution five states away. But surprisingly, sitting next to a talkative teenage girl he nicknames Purplehead starts to take the edge off Zach's pain.

Prompted by a chain of unpredictable events and by the people he meets along the way, Zach's cynical humor gives us a poignant look at medical insurance and health care systems for the mentally ill, and at the everyday fears, joys, and revelations of adolescence.

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When I grow up, I'm gonna be a millionaire. If you got money, no one gives you grief. You can buy what you want, be what you want, live how you want. You got money, you don't hafta wait in line for hours, days,...


Praise for Riding Out the Storm

“…gracefully crafted…” —Horn Book

“...compassionate and amusing, with memorable characters...” —Kirkus Reviews

“…rewarding….and readers will be drawn into imagining how their own lives might be changed by hopping a Hound.” —BCCB

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About the author

Sis Deans

Sis Deans is a winner of the Maine Chapbook Award and a Lupine Honor Award recipient. She lives in Gorham, Maine, with her family.

Sis Deans

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Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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