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Lucy the Good

Lucy the Good

Marianne Musgrove; illustrated by Cheryl Orsini

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Lucy van Loon knows she's a good girl. So why is she always sitting in the Time Out chair? After all, she had a very good reason for dumping Jacinta's unicorn pencils all over the floor. And she only threw a tantrum because her aunt from Holland called her a bad girl and a greedy liar, which was UTTERLY untrue.

But what if Lucy is bad? Her grumpy aunt certainly seems to think so. Now Lucy has to figure out how to prove she really is Lucy the Good. But how?

In this gently humorous story, Marianne Musgrove takes a look at one child's temper and how she begins to get it under control.



Tantrum, wrote Lucy, sounding out the word in her head so she could spell it right: t– a–n–tr–um.
I must not throw a temper tantrum in class.
Unless absolutely necessary, she added to herself. Like today. There...


Praise for Lucy the Good

"As she did in The Worry Tree, Musgrove introduces a sympathetic heroine with whom many readers will identify. Lucy wants to be good, but her impetuousness and quick temper make that difficult for her." - Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Marianne Musgrove; illustrated by Cheryl Orsini

Marianne Musgrove has worked as a social policy writer, social worker, and museum guide for children. She has had both poetry and short stories published, and is the author of The Worry Tree. She lives in South Australia.

Marianne Musgrove

Cheryl Orsini

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