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Dog Talk

Dog Talk

Lessons Learned from a Life with Dogs

Harrison Forbes with Beth Adelman

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DOG TALK chronicles Harrison Forbes's life with dogs, from the first bond he formed as a boy with a Belgian Tervuren named Sabina, to the story of Lex, a police dog who attacked his owner's wife, and was redeemed by Harrison's intense love and respect for the breed. Forbes also offers practical aspects of understanding and dealing with whatever type of dog the reader may have. In DOG TALK, the pet owner will find fascinating insights into behavioral problems, as each chapter addresses a different situation or issue.

Here are some of Harrison's trademark insights into dog behavior and training:

*Energy management is the basis of behavior management : unwanted or aggressive behavior, is often the result of pent-up, frustrated energy

*Dog behavior should always be taken in context; a dog that is housetrained in its home isn't necessarily so everywhere else

*Every dog's make-up is individual and distinct--:a combination of nature and nurture

*Non-verbal communication, structure and clearly delineated limits, and the human-canine bond are basic building blocks in a good relationship

*Reasonable expectations are key to an enjoyable pet experience

DOG TALK is at times funny, irreverent, insightful, and touching, and it will deepen the reader's understanding of dog behavior and as a result will enable him to approach his own dog in a fresh and motivated way to begin, improve, mend, or strengthen a relationship that can last a lifetime.



I'm going to start this book with a confession: I'm a hypocrite. For fourteen years now I've been telling listeners to my radio show, Pet Talk, not to buy a puppy from a retail store, not to buy a puppy on impulse, not to buy...


Praise for Dog Talk

“An anomaly of recent publishing is dog books written by writers who don't know much about dogs and don't seem to like them all that much. Mr. Forbes book is happily different. Harrison Forbes is modest about his own accomplishments but introduces us vividly to the minds and spirits of some fascinating, extremely difficult dogs (How many of us have a dog that has put 11 people in a hospital?). Dog Talk is deeply and importantly about dogs and those humans who understand and love them. I gladly pay Mr. Forbes the highest compliment one dog man can pay another: I would trust him with my dogs.” —Donald McCaig, New York Times bestselling author of Nop's Trials, Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men and A Useful Dog

“Harrison Forbes talks 'dog' fluently. As one of this country's leading dog trainers and behaviorists, he truly understands canines and can solve any doggy dilemmas in his unique, no-fuss style. Whether he's importing and training German Shepherds for high security police work or schooling Chihuahuas to cope with apartment-style living, he has some great stories to tell. If you love dogs, you'll love this book.” —Sandy Robins, Pet lifestyle expert, author and regular pet contributor to and

“Harrison Forbes is a treasure for the pet-loving public. He has the combination of experience and intelligence that cuts to the essence of those topics that matter.” —Rolan Tripp, DVM, veterinary content consultant for Animal Planet and Founder of

“In a compelling and engaging style, Harrison Forbes has recounted experiences with dogs throughout his life. In doing so, he reminds us of the extraordinary power of the human-animal bond and the special relationship we have with dogs in modern American culture.” —Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO, The Humane Society of the United States

“Harrison Forbes is who I use for all my dog advice.” —James Gandolfini, actor

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About the author

Harrison Forbes with Beth Adelman

Harrison Forbes has been a dog trainer and behaviorist for over 20 years and has trained over 600 police dogs for departments all over the country. For the past 14 years he has hosted the nationally syndicated radio show, Pet Talk. He has been featured in Animal Fair Magazine, Dog Fancy, and USA Today. He is a recurring guest as pet expert on numerous TV shows (inlcuding The View, Regis & Kelley, Larry King Live, and Fox & Friends). The author lives in Tennessee with his family.

Harrison Forbes

Beth Adelman

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