The Man in the Window

A cryptic murder resurrects dark memories of past atrocities in this latest mystery from the master of Norwegian crime writing.

Award-winning author K. O. Dahl received international acclaim for his gripping debut thriller, The Fourth Man, which introduced readers to Detective Inspector Frank Frølich and Detective Chief Inspector Gunnarstranda. Now the Oslo detectives are back.

It’s Friday the thirteenth, the Norwegian capital is enveloped in freezing cold, and Reidar Folke Jespersen passes what will be the last day of his life.

The aging antique dealer leaves home and takes a taxi to a nearby café. A few hours later, through the window of the café, he watches his wife enter the door to a flat on the other side of the street, where her lover lives.

In the early hours of the following morning, Jespersen is found stabbed to death, sitting naked in an armchair in the display window of his antique shop. 

Detectives Frølich and Gunnarstranda are called to the scene. Their only clues are a numerical combination written in ink on the body of the dead man, a red string tied around his neck, a few missing World War II objects, and a number of people extremely satisfied with the news of the man’s death. Questions of love and betrayal, loyalty and guilt consume the investigation, just as they fill the private lives of the investigators.

K. O. Dahl’s dark and poetic writing moves through the shadows of one country’s history---a country where victims, perpetrators, and even police officers are haunted by the past, still trying to cope with dark memories of the Nazi occupation. The Man in the Window, the second installment in Dahl’s Oslo police mysteries, is an intricate and chilling detective story about love, revenge, and the inescapable past.


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Chapter One

Lady in the rain


In the winter gloom of Friday 13th January, Reidar Folke Jespersen started the way he started every day, at least for the last fifty of his seventy- nine years: on his own with a bowl of porridge in the kitchen, his braces hanging loose behind his back hand and the rhythmic clinks of the spoon against the bottom of the dish as the sole accompaniment to his solitude. He had big bags beneath two bright blue eyes. His chin was covered with a meticulously trimmed, short, white beard; his hands were large, wrinkled and bore sharply defined veins


Praise for The Man in the Window

International Praise for The Man in the Window

“Kjell Ola Dahl has written a captivating detective story with plenty of nuances, and there is no reason for him to hide in the shadow of Mankell.” --Zillo (Germany)

“Kjell Ola Dahl masters the art of tightening the intrigue to maintain the suspense until the very well-conceived end.” --Sala Allehanda (Sweden)

“Kjell Ola Dahl writes like Volga. Calm and powerful. Everything falls into place at the end and it is constantly suspenseful.” --Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)

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  • K.O. DAHL has been awarded with the Riverton Prize and his popular crime series has been translated into twelve languages.





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