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Hypersonic Thunder

Hypersonic Thunder

A Novel of the Jet Age

Novels of the Jet Age

Walter J. Boyne

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The jet age began in 1939 with the brief hop of a secret German airplane. Seventy years later, the entire world depends upon the jet engine in every sphere - political, military, economic, and social. In Hypersonic Thunder, Walter Boyne weaves an intricate story of how the jet engine changed aeronautics and astronautics, pushing the frontiers of flight forward and permitting humankind to enter the space age.

Drawing on his knowledge of the period, Boyne paints a gripping picture of jet aviation from the brilliant supersonic Concorde to the coming challenges of hypersonic flight. Using the fictional Shannons as a vehicle, the author ranges the world of aviation, combining the triumphs and tragedies of great aviation companies with the familiar conflicts of family life. All of the great names of aeronautics and astronautics appear here as they did on the historic scene, including such luminaries as Howard Hughes, Kelly Johnson, Burt Rutan, and Steve Fossett.

The book thunders with the clash of combat, ranging from the courageous fights of the Israeli Air Force down through the raid on Libya, Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, and, most important the ongoing war on terror. And space is not neglected, as Boyne covers everything from Skylab and the Space Shuttle, with its great achievements and terrible tragedies, to the International Space Station.

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Chapter One

February 12, 1973

The "Hanoi Hilton"

Tom Shannon watched unbelieving as the first group of 120 American prisoners of war formed up in columns of two. They looked strange in their...


Praise for Hypersonic Thunder

“The saga isn’t a new genre, but the aviation saga is--and Walter Boyne invented it. Here’s a first-rate story of the jet age from our foremost aviation writer.” —Stephen Coonts, author of The Assassin, on Supersonic Thunder

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Walter J. Boyne

WALTER J. BOYNE is the former director of the National Air & Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. Boyne's books have made both the fiction and the nonfiction bestseller lists of the New York Times. His two most recent fiction books, Roaring Thunder and Supersonic Thunder, cover the first forty-four years of jet aviation, while his critically acclaimed Dawn Over Kitty Hawk recounts the story of the Wright Brothers. A retired Air Force Colonel, Boyne was enshrined in the National Aviation Hall of Fame class of 2007.

Walter J. Boyne

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