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A Risk Worth Taking

A Risk Worth Taking

Robin Pilcher

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After the dot-com bubble burst, Dan Porter is laid off from his job and must decide what is truly important. His wife of twenty years, Jackie, a beautiful and successful managing director at a clothing designer shop, no longer connects with him. His teenagers, Josh, Nina, and Millie, are distant and confusing. Jackie is tempted by the attentions of a younger man at her office, and thanks to an opportunity suggested by a magazine article, Dan finds himself contemplating a drastic change in his life.

A Risk Worth Taking is an insightful, thought-provoking novel of a man who has to discover what he really values in his work, marriage, and life. Robin Pilcher writes fluidly and well, and he is unerringly adept at capturing the details of his characters' lives. He has written a poignant and engrossing story about the real choices many adults face when they start taking stock of their lives.


Praise for A Risk Worth Taking

“Fans of acclaimed novelist Rosamunde Pilcher will queue up to read A Risk Worth Taking, a new novel by her talented son Robin. Robin Pilcher not only writes with his mother's style and fluency but also writes about the same type of ordinary people...Engrossing...More than one reader will relate to it with painful clarity...Robin Pilcher, like his mother, obviously loves people and has a knack for conveying that...a poignant and thought-provoking book that makes one want to cheer for the Dan Porters in this world. This is a perfect novel for a wintry day.” —Roanoke Times

“This is an engaging character study of a person who once was riding the crest, but since has lost his self esteem...The cast is a delightful ensemble...Robin Pilcher provides a deep look at what really counts as Dan reassess his values and how he has lived.” —Harriet Klausner, The Midwest Book Review

“The good news? Her [Rosamunde Pilcher's] son and fellow author, Robin Pilcher, will release A Risk Worth Taking this month.” —BookPage

“A short novel that is one evening's reading delight.... Robin Pilcher is good with the details of people's lives and his skill at dialogue makes for fast reading.” —The Charlotte Observer

“Pilcher offers a charming story about life in the new millennium and one man's pursuit of happiness, a tale that will appeal to both men and women.” —Booklist

“Pilcher crafts another engaging, happy-ending tale in the tradition of his mother, beloved British novelist Rosamunde Pilcher...[Readers] will care about Dan, tough, and his children and friends, and will approve Dan's belief that risks are worth taking, and that life can be a great game.” —Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Robin Pilcher

Robin Pilcher is Rosamunde Pilcher's eldest son. Both his novels, An Ocean Apart and Starting Over, were New York Times bestsellers and have quickly become favorites among Pilcher fans, old and new. He lives with his wife and children near Dundee, Scotland.

Robin Pilcher

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