Stephen Coonts' Deep Black Dark Zone

Deep Black (Volume 3)

Stephen Coonts and Jim DeFelice

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In a secluded headquarters on the other side of the globe a terrorist mission is underway-a plan to set-off an underwater explosion so great, and with such hellish force, that it could shift the very foundation of the earth's surface causing untold calamity and world-wide disaster. The terrorists call it God's Revenge.

A nuclear warhead has gone missing. Small in size, it packs up to ten times the kilotons that exploded over Hiroshima. It's now in the wrong hands, ready to detonate a world war of unfathomable proportions.

In the top secret headquarters of the National Security Agency, a small cadre of special agents form Deep Black, designed to bring a techno edge to covert operations and eliminate the cyber threats to world peace. This is Charlie Dean's world-an NSA ex-marine sniper now enlisted to stop the unthinkable. But when his suspicions of a traitor in his shadow become frighteningly true, Dean's race against time could mean the end of the free world.


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Stephen Coonts' Deep Black: Dark Zone
1Charles Dean saw her first.The beauty of her face sliced past his jet lag, shocking his eyes and reaching whatever primal instinct it is that makes a man react immediately to beauty. The bright glint of her smile stood out against her rounded cheeks like the chiseled perfection of a Michelangelo sculpture, their milky whiteness accentuated by the red-orange curls streaming back from her head like flames. The rest of her body was as beautiful as her face, but it was the face--her eyes, her mouth, her smile--that caught his attention, riveting him so that


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"The Master Of The Techno Thriller." -Publishers Weekly

"Move Over Clancy...Readers know they can count on Coonts."-Midwest Book Review

"[Coonts] is a natural storyteller [with] a rare gift." -USA Today

"Coonts delivers some of his best gung-ho suspense writing yet."-Kirkus Reviews

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  • Stephen Coonts and Jim DeFelice

  • One of the world's premiere thriller writers, Stephen Coonts has been flying all his adult life and has written extensively about it. He lives in Nevada with his wife and son. Jake Grafton, the hero of Coonts's military thrillers and one of the most popular and recognizable characters in fiction, will continue to appear in Coonts's upcoming books, available from St. Martin's Press.
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Stephen Coonts' Deep Black Dark Zone

Deep Black

Stephen Coonts and Jim DeFelice

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