The Assassin

A Novel

Tommy Carmellini (Volume 3)

Stephen Coonts

St. Martin's Press

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The headlines only reveal half the truth. Here’s the real story. . . .

Abu Qasim, the ruthless and cunning Al Qaeda leader who nearly succeeded in blowing up a meeting of the G-8 in Paris, has escaped from the grasp of the Americans and is plotting his next move. A small band of powerful men, highly placed leaders of industry and politics in the West, have decided they need to target and destroy the terrorist and his inner circle before he can strike again. When a prominent Russian dissident is poisoned in London, however, it’s clear that there’s a very dangerous leak within the ranks of the Westerners, and that Abu Qasim has turned the tables on his rivals---it is now he who is pursuing, and his aim is to kill.

Admiral Jake Grafton dispatches special agent Tommy Carmellini to infiltrate the plot. He tracks the gorgeous and seductive Marisa Petrou, a Frenchwoman who may be Qasim’s daughter and who has her own reasons for wanting him alive---or wishing him dead. Qasim, meanwhile, has a trick up his sleeve---one that he’s been planning for years.

Who is behind the methodical assassinations of the wealthy and powerful Western vigilante team? Will Abu Qasim slip the noose once again? In this pulse-pounding thriller, Tommy Carmellini must put a stop to a master of terror before he unleashes even more death.


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Ragheads dragged the driver out of the vehicle and took him away," the sergeant told the lieutenant, who was sitting in a Humvee. "They shot the woman in the car. She’s still in it. Iraqi grunt says she’s alive but the assholes put a bomb in the car. They’re using her as cheese in the trap."

"Shit," said the lieutenant and rubbed the stubble on his chin.

The day was hot, and the chatter of automatic weapons firing bursts was the musical background. The column of vehicles had ground to a halt in a cloud of dust, and since there



  • The Assassin by Stephen Coonts--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Stephen Coonts' thriller novel The Assassin, a novel of high octane excitement, featuring Tommy Carmellini in his most dangerous mission yet. In the finale of Coonts's last novel The Traitor, the ruthless and brilliant Al Qaeda leader who nearly succeeded in blowing up a meeting of the Group of 7 in Paris slipped the noose and escaped. But Abu Qasim has another trick up his sleeve: he has offered to pay a the Mafia a fortune to help him bring New York to its knees.



Praise for The Assassin

Praise for Stephen Coonts

“An assured international thriller.” ---Publishers Weekly on The Traitor

“Coonts knows how to write and build suspense . . . a natural storyteller.” ---The New York Times Book Review on Liars & Thieves

“Tommy is a self-deprecating and wisecracking narrator who brings a welcome energy to the genre.” ---Library Journal on Liars & Thieves

“This master of the techno-thriller spins a bone-chilling worst-case scenario. . . . Rivals Clancy for fiction-as-realism and Cussler for spirited action.” ---Publishers Weekly (starred review) on America

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  • Stephen Coonts

  • STEPHEN COONTS is the author of fourteen New York Times bestselling books that have been translated and published around the world. A former naval aviator and Vietnam combat veteran, he is a graduate of West Virginia University and the University of Colorado School of Law. He and his wife reside in Colorado.



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The Assassin

A Novel

Tommy Carmellini

Stephen Coonts



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