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The Consequences of Climate Change, from the Amazon to the Arctic, from Darfur to Napa Valley

Stephan Faris

Henry Holt and Co.




A vivid and illuminating portrayal of the surprising ways that climate change will affect the world in the near future—politically, economically, and culturally

While reporting just outside of Darfur, Stephan Faris discovered that climate change was at the root of that conflict, and began to wonder what current and impending—and largely unanticipated—crises such changes have in store for the world.

Forecast provides the answers.

Global warming will spur the spread of many diseases. Italy has already experienced its first climate-change epidemic of a tropical disease, and malaria is gaining ground in Africa. The warming world will shift huge populations and potentially redraw political alliances around the globe, driving environmentalists into the hands of anti-immigrant groups. America's coasts are already more difficult places to live as increasing insurance rates make the Gulf Coast and other gorgeous spots prohibitively expensive. Crops will fail in previously lush places and thrive in some formerly barren zones, altering huge industries and remaking traditions. Water scarcity in India and Pakistan have the potential to inflame the conflict in Kashmir to unprecedented levels and draw the United States into the troubles there, and elsewhere.

Told through the narratives of current, past, and future events, the result of astonishingly wide travel and reporting, Forecast is a powerful, gracefully written, eye-opening account of this most urgent issue and how it has altered and will alter our world.


In 1985, with the Darfur region of Sudan deep in drought, a doctoral candidate named Alex de Waal met with a bedridden and nearly blind...


Praise for Forecast

“An intelligent, nuanced report on the complex relationships between increasingly unstable weather patterns and politics, ecology and lifestyles.” —Publishers Weekly

“A globe-spanning look at the effects of climate change, already apparent in our time.... Faris writes deftly about the developing world.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Engaging, thoroughly researched reportage.... [Faris] elegantly negotiates the tricky line between the personal and political, and in doing so provides a more accurate and powerful warning about the perils of climate change than many other books in the genre” —New Scientist

“Well worth the carbon footprint of its publication … The most perceptive [book] so far about [climate change's] growing place in our daily lives, our iconography, and, sometimes, our paranoias.” —Fred Pearce, Orion

“Bad news is good news if it gets us to act. Forecast should--it shows that this is not a crisis for our children, but the central question of our time.” —Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature and The Bill McKibben Reader

“Stephan Faris has traveled everywhere, holding his journalist's looking glass up for everyone to see the same carbon-crazed climate monster looming in every reflection. Reader, that mirror is now in your hands: Your world, too, is peering from these pages. Better pay attention.” —Alan Weisman, author of The World Without Us

“Stephan Faris has written a superb, first-hand account of the imminent results of climate change. His exceptional writing provides a vivid sense of the impact of global warming happening now. Forecast is a must read for all those who want to understand the seriousness of this growing problem threatening our planet.” —General Anthony C. Zinni USMC (Retired), author of The Battle for Peace

Forecast takes us beyond the computer-generated doomsday maps and Mad Max-like theories, giving us instead real stories of the devastating effects climate change has already had on our most precious resource--ourselves. Through compelling and vigorously-researched storytelling, Stephan Faris shines a light in uncomfortable places, tracing calamities as varied as the Darfur conflict and grapes withering on their Napa Valley vines back to global warming. Forecast makes it clear that this crisis has been upon us for way longer than we realize, and the stakes are raised with every carbon-laced breath we take.” —Kelly McMasters, author of Welcome to Shirley: A Memoir from an Atomic Town

“The possible effects of global warming can seem vague and far away: will ocean levels rise six inches or six feet, and in twenty years or two-hundred? But as Stephan Faris's Forecast so powerfully illustrates, global warming is already playing a crucial role in a number of issues besetting the planet, in everything from the explosion of illegal immigration into Europe, to the brutal conflict between nomadic and agrarian tribes in Darfur. With a very deft hand, and even a touch of ironic wit, Faris shows that global warming comes at real cost to real people - and the future is already upon us.” —Scott Anderson, author of The Man Who Tried to Save the World

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About the author

Stephan Faris

Stephan Faris is a journalist who specializes in writing about the developing world. Since 2000, he has covered Africa, the Middle East, and China for publications including Time, Fortune, The Atlantic Monthly, and Salon. He has lived in Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey, and China. He now lives in Rome with his wife and three-year-old son.

Stephan Faris