A Finders-Keepers Place

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Esther Page has been trying to keep things together for as long as she can remember. Valley—that’s her mama—has always gotten funny notions like gardening indoors or living as the Amish do, without any electricity. And Esther has always cleaned up after those notions and watched our for her little sister, Ruth.

But Valley’s notions are getting wilder, and too many people are asking questions about what’s going on at home. It seems to Esther that the only person who can help is Ezekiel—the father she can barely remember.

Ezekiel was a preacher, that much is certain, so Esther takes Ruth on a search through all the churches in town. Somebody, somewhere, must know about Ezekiel . . .


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Chapter One
I KNEW RUTH WAS GONE the second I woke up. When I looked across the room, I could see her bed was just as I’d made it for her yesterday. The way she liked it, with the pink ruffle peeking out from under her polka-dotted quilt and the yellow happy-face pillow leaning up against the headboard.
“Ruth?” I pulled on the knob of our closet door, and the accordion folds caught on something. I reached around the door and felt for a foot or a hand, but all I got was the lid of my Mouse Trap game and my fifth-grade spelling book.
The hallway outside our room seemed


Praise for A Finders-Keepers Place

“Mature beyond her years, able to make the best of a bad situation and blessed with impressive survivor skills, Esther proves an admirable heroine in this poignant story.” --Kirkus Reviews


“Leal excels in pithy characterization, mainly through spot-on dialogue, yielding sympathetic characters, a gripping plot, and no shortage of heartbreaking moments.” --Publishers Weekly


“The author of Also Known as Harper (2009), Leal creates strong, individual characters and a convincing narrative of a family in disarray.” --Booklist

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  • Ann Haywood Leal is an elementary school teacher and the author of Also Known As Harper. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and enjoys spending time with her husband, Andy, and daughters, Jessica and Holly. She lives and writes in Waterford, Connecticut.


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A Finders-Keepers Place



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