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Triple Homicide

Triple Homicide

Charles Hynes

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The debut novel from longtime Brooklyn district attorney Charles "Joe" Hynes, Triple Homicide is the gritty saga of two generations of New York City police officers fighting to stay on the right side of the law.
In the early 1990s in New York, easy money stands to be made at every turn, and temptation proves a bitter struggle for the young and much-decorated NYPD Sergeant Steven Holt---and for Steven and his uncle Robert, an officer before him, an increasingly violent mess endangers their careers and the reputation of the entire department.
Born out of real stories of corruption and centered around two men who ultimately dare to challenge the fabled "blue wall" of silence, the novel works toward a majestic courtroom on Long Island, where Sergeant Holt is about to stand trial for triple homicide and where, as he comes to know his past, he'll learn that nothing he's known has ever been as it seemed.
In its intense telling by one of the only writers who could write it with such realism, the story uncovers decades of deceit and corruption that infiltrate families and threaten to ruin the force. Reflecting the proud yet troubled history of the NYPD, Charles Hynes's debut is a searing, up-close portrait of the men and women who live---and die---in the pursuit of criminal justice.


Chapter 1

"Oh my God, David." Alyson Keeler sobbed uncontrollably at her gruesome discovery. "Come here, quickly," she pleaded, her body trembling.

Alyson had soft blond hair with streaks of chestnut, worn slightly above her shoulders....


Praise for Triple Homicide

“Charles J. Hynes, the legendary Brooklyn district attorney, has written a hell of a murder mystery, a piece of fiction so believable and disturbing that it reads like a true crime story. Joe Hynes is the ultimate insider and his sharp instinct as a prosecutor shows on each page. Triple Homicide is a big win for the district attorney.” —Nelson DeMille

“A terrifying tale of a time when a ‘few rotten apples' in the NYPD ran amok opening the sluice gates to let drug money pour in and the murderous mayhem that flowed in its wake. I speak from five decades in the criminal justice system when I say that only Charles Hynes, with his love for the NYPD, can relate this chronicle of corruption with the authority and compassion it requires.” —Justice Edwin Torres, author of Carlito's Way

“I lived through this period and no one has nailed it as brilliantly as Joe Hynes. Absolutely riveting! Charles Hynes tells us what happened to a city during its most corrupt and murderous time. He never held back as a prosecutor, and he doesn't hold back now.” —Nicholas Pileggi, author of Wiseguy and the screenplay Goodfellas

“Not only is Triple Homicide a crackling good murder mystery that takes you into the multiethnic netherworld of Brooklyn, with more nifty twists and turns than Coney Island's storied Cyclone roller coaster, but it's like a civic MRI of big-city government. An ass-kicking first novel, told with the gritty eye for detail and street-smart ear for dialogue of a Brooklyn native son made good.” —Denis Hamill, author of Fork in the Road and Ten Spot

“A sensational and gripping tale of big-city cops gone bad, set in the context of a whodunit that will keep you guessing until the end. A compelling and detailed account of what can happen when honest police officers look the other way while isolated bands of rogue cops exploit the chaos and brutality of the streets for their own gain. As a former prosecutor and current criminal defense lawyer, I can tell you this is the real deal. Triple Homicide is a must for anyone seriously interested in the subject of police corruption---or for anyone just looking for flat-out reading entertainment.” —Laura Brevetti, former chief of the Federal Organized Crime Task Force, Eastern District of New York, and former counsel for the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association

“Charles Hynes has vividly and with brutal honesty created a murder mystery that is impossible to put down. He captures the colorful personalities of the superhero cops, the gritty defense attorneys, the dedicated prosecutors, the judges, and how some can turn---in a heartbeat---to the corrupt, sordid, and brutal underbelly of life. It may very well become the best beach read of next summer!” —Professor Lisa C. Smith, director of the Criminal Practice Clinic, Brooklyn Law School

Triple Homicide is a gritty, realistic, and powerful debut novel by Charles Hynes. I have lived this life as a former assistant special prosecutor and former assistant district attorney, yet I found it difficult to put this book down.” —Patricia L. Gatling, commissioner of the New York City Commission on Human Rights

About the author

Charles Hynes

CHARLES J. HYNES has been the district attorney of Brooklyn, New York, for seventeen years. A veteran trial lawyer, he earned his spurs as the special prosecutor appointed by Governor Mario Cuomo in the famous 1987 Howard Beach murder case. He also teaches at St. John's, Fordham, and Brooklyn law schools. He lives in Brooklyn, and Triple Homicide is his first novel.

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